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04 October 2010


Black Pegasus

If Rahm Emanuel ultimately decides to run for Mayor, he should crush this Rev Wilfredo Clown.

Derrick from Philly

I wonder if he has any spiritual sons?


@ Derrick from Philly,
LOL. I'm sure he probably has a few spiritual sons hidden away. And with Daddy Bishop in the news, he may need to ease off the anti-gay sermons for a few weeks. I'm sure he wouldn't want the congregation to become suspicious.
Speaking of Eddie Long, I heard a couple of good remarks about him from Bill Maher and Mike Epps. Bill Maher discussed the bishop on his HBO show and noted that (str8) Black America needs a 'gaydar check'. And Mike Epps introduced Soulja Boy at the BET Hip Hop Awards by saying that he looked so young and fresh that 'the bishop is sitting in the back wearing out some binoculars.' I hope they don't cut that line when the award show airs.

Derrick from Philly

I'm laughing with you, Southernivy. You've got to have humor--sometimes even in the darkest moments. If it wasn't for humor half of the gays from my generation would either be in the graveyard or the crazy house...(crazy house? That's politically incorrect, aint it? I don't care)

I remember one of my dear friends was one of the first people to die from AIDS that many of us knew of in 1982. We were visiting him in the hospital and somehow got on the subject of "Gay Acres" (the gay hangout/cruising area of Fairmount Park). He listened to us and then said while shaking his head, "If y'all can see me sittin' up here in this bed with all these sores over my body and y'all are still going out there in them damn bushes...well, aint no hope for faggots."

Even in the darkest times gay people (and other minorities) have used humor.

Honut Sinti

These hatemongers are so tired.

Here is a thought. Why doesn't a pastor of one of those mega churches truly get creative, come out and preach love and inclusiveness no matter the age, race, color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation and clearly note that they will not encourage through hint or direct speech bias and discrimmination.

Kevin Perez

Who really cares, any more? The Good Book is not to contradict itself and is filled with inconsitancies. Why not look for an alternative source of religion or spiritual need other than revisioning what it says to make ourselves feel better.


May God have mercy on your souls not for who you are but the things you say. You have no clue as to who you are talking about. Its just another frenzy to push your choice of sexuality. Some Pastors live by what the WORD of God says. Doesn't mean they HATE you or dispise you but that they don't agree with your choice of living. Stop trying to cut corners and make it something that its not. This is a poor attempt to CRY for help. The story about the young man that died of AIDS wow that was profound in itself. Its a sad thing he must of went through. I pray his family is well. No one and not every Pastor would wish that on anyone. Thats the ploy of the enemy to make you believe your a victim... Your truly not the victim but the people you attack are. Many people did not agree with having a "gay" high school. That is segregation. If everyone is so proud to be who they are why try to develop your own community. Wouldn't you make much more of an impact in population? Be careful with the things that you say because with that comes consequence. You may just end up reeping what you sow.

Kevin Perez

You're the only one here who has no clue what you're taking about. Pastors like Wilfredo de Jesus DO wish us harm, moron. You think that because some bigot is nice and doesn't show hostility, doesn't mean they don't bear us no ill will? Your hypocrasy is evident when you accuse us of trying to push our choice of sexuality. It is an oxymoron to claim that people who don't "approve" of our alleged life style choices DO not despise us and they do hate us. DON'T EVER TRY TO TRIVIALIZE THAT! I'm so fed up with apologists from the Black and Latino communities getting on their high horses on this subject matter. Take the Word of God and shove it where the sun don't shine. If you don't approve of us, then by that definition, YOU do hate. It is the same rhetoric you Bible-thumping BIGOTS us to make your bigotry less evident.

Don't for a minute think that you religious zealouts are the victims of ANYTHING but your own bigtory and hypocrasy, or the people who are opposed to the school are. They're the perps. They're the bigots. The people "we" allegedly attack deserve every minute of the scrunity. THE SAME SCRUTINY YOU AND OTHERS PUT US THROUGH. You and the Christians and others are not even allowed or entitled to put yourselves in that position. Who is the enemy? You guys are the one that wishes us malice. You're the ones that continue to act like a bunch of smiling hypocrites claming you don't hate us, when you really do. Your post is a damn contradication and typical conservative Christian BS, the type to pretend to show us civility, when in reality you're a hardcore bigot.

Segragation you say this is? Shut the hell up. LGBTs, especially in BLACK and LATINO communities, deal with the most inbeliveable scrunity at the hands of the community. People your precious pastor contribute to that scrutiny. It's school for LGBT kids who have NO WHERE to go. The Black and Latino communities are epic failures when it comes to handling these issues because Bible-thumping BIGOTS and the lesser un-educated are the spokesperson and because you're in denial and turn a blind eye. You spend your time screaming about the children, but don't give a rat's @$$ about LGBT kids. And you, and the general Black and Latino communities think you have some damn, God-given right to show disapproval on this? To give this kids a chance in a society that hates them for no apparant reason? The same banshees that are always screaming discrimination and racism trying to validate their venom and bigotry and prejudice because of 2,000 year old book? But oh well, what to expect from communities of color! Deny, deny, deny and feign ignorance is their profession and wallow in their victimhood!

Whoever you believe is a victimized by all this probably are the primary preps and problem. After all, bigots always see themselves as victims. Ask any good Chrisitan!

Jewels Unit

I am an agnostic, I don't believe in the Bible, Religion or church but I do believe there is a higher power. I feel sorry for people who relish their entire self worth on false prophets. Eddie Long is a queen as sure as the day is 24 hours and TD Jakes isn't fooling anyone either. Believe in yourSELF and stop relegating your power to man (that includes fine trade too).


Kevin Perez
"After all, bigots always see themselves as victims. Ask any good Chrisitan!"
Those are your own words.. you're absolutely right! YOU my dear are a BIGOT & you have done a great job of victimizing yourself. Congratulations! You talk about blacks & Latinos and you're complaining about what people have to say about gays?? For a person who doesn't like to feel "judged" you sure do a lot of Judging! who's the hypocrite?

Kevin Perez

Oh, hell no!

I'll say whatever I want about communities of color who continue to TURN a blind eye to Homophobia. Do yourself a favor and SHOVE IT. My response was to the commenter about me. The type of folks that, as usual, try to claim they're not bigots, but ultimately make themselves like morons, like you. I can judge as I please, since it's annoying church folk like you and that commenter ME that try to derail the dicussion by ignorning the main subject matter

LOL, the Black and Latino communities epitomize hypocrasy! Showing so much hatred and animousity against LGBTs for no reason but embracing thugs, baby daddies, criminals, WOMEN who open their legs for any loser that comes knocking on their door and popping out babies. But two adults, be they gay or lesbian, is looked down upon. How about WOMEN, that's right, WOMEN blaming us and scapegoating for their failed relatinships. What about being blamed for all the bad stuff that goes in the both communities? Yep, it's usualyl LGBT people are blamed. LMAO, the Black and Latino communities have their priorities f***ked up.

Wilfred De Jesus and his sheep are the same tired bigots that depend on people like the poster "Me" to justify and validate their petty prejduices, while probably screaming a society to get rid of their own. THAT IS THE HYPOCRASY I'm taking Lisa, so STFU and eat some crow.

ivette aguirre

so stupid, yeah, anti gay, wow, you don't know anything about my pastor

ivette aguirre

and kevin, maybe you should come to our church and you would see that hes not Anti gay, everyone has their sins, and that is not for him to judge, it is for God to judge, he is very clear about that. and I didnt know about that gay school thing, i really don't think their should be a gay school, that is segregation. So what now all the latinos want a latino school cause everyone calls them immigrants, oh, and next the blacks are going to want an all black school because everyone calls them the N word or slaves. Get real and you are no better by judging these poor fallen women who fall to prostitution or drugs, or kids that go into gangs, your no better than the lame point you are trying to make about pastor choco, you say hes anti gay, well your anti helping rapped women, woman who fall to drugs, etc. It is all a choice, just like being gay is a choice, wrong or right, its all a choice and we accept everyone, so maybe you should actaully get to know a person then read a stupid web article that will say whatever it wants.

ivette aguirre

and i dont appreciate you calling me a bigot, cause a high percentage of my friends are gay and I love them to death, they are like brothers and sisters to me, so before you start talking nonsense, get a life. I am one of his sheep, I love gay people, i learn from them so much, and a lot of them love God just as much as I do and I accept them. LIke I said we are not anyone to judge, i love them, they love me, and we live our lives as best as we can for God.

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