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28 October 2010


Nathan James

I'm not sure I want to touch THIS one with a FORK...how you DOIN'?


Ohhh no! Is Wayne sexing behind bars?

And Rod you know you were wrong for this one but I love it lol


Oh lawd..... "his explanation did not suffice" ?? wtf??


He was in Wayne's cell just so he could say he actually spoke with him. I bet he asked all sorts of questions about Wayne's life and wanted to hear gossip about the lives of other music stars. It's the way the regular, everyday Joe feels when he's in the presence of someone he deems "greater" than he. For anyone to think it was a sexual visit is just wishful thinking on the "thinker's" part. The man is simply STAR-STRUCK and, for the rest of his life, will ALWAYS remember talking one-on-one to Wayne! I betcha the officer deems having talked one-on-one with Wayne for 45 minutes WORTH being suspended without pay for 10 days!


Cam, I was thinking the same thing. The guy sounds like he was a fan of the rapper and wanted to chat with him.

Derrick from Philly

I think you guys may be right. But I don't think it was just a social visit. It was business. Forty-five minutes isn't too long when you consider Captain Callazzo trying to braid all that hair on Lil' Wayne's head. Not to mention all the lubricating grease he had to apply ...to Lil' Wayne's scalp, of oourse.

Hair braiding aint no quick and easy task--any hair-dressin' woman can tell you that.

Dallas Cowboy

@Cam and Fred:

Umm, I think we all know that nothing sexual ... probably ... happened. I'm sure even Rod realized that, but some of us are just having some fun. smh

Good night. Everytime there is something fun or gossippy on this blog, brothas come out of the woodwork "to set the record straight."

And Cam, you really don't need to try to psychoanalyze anyone. It's not like straight people are going to like us more or give us our rights if we don't joke or keekee on a gay blog.


Wayne has publicly kissed rappers on the lips.

Nuff said.


Uhhhh...can we see a picture of this correctional officer, please???


To quote a song "People are still having sex"


Either good sex or a record deal..and just maybe just conversation...

Honut Sinti

Officer: Lil Wayne, will you be still, I got the other half of 'yo head to do

Lil Wayne: It hurts! You braidin' too tight! :)


I pray it was just a case of a starstruck fan meeting his hero, 'cause sexing Lil Wayne, EWWWWWW...he looks like he needs a flea bath and God knows if pieces of last year's Thanksgiving dinner aren't still stuck in that grill.

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