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09 October 2010



She does resemble Florence, but I don't know! I wish her luck and hope it turns out Great! Florence deserves a Good performance.


This story does need to be told. Florence Ballard's life has enough drama and heartache to make a great film. But Faith Evans? If they want to go with a singer with subpar acting skills, why not Mary J Blige? Oh that's right, she's set to play the great and legendary Nina Simone. Mercy Me....what's next?


"Mercy Me....what's next?"

Lol, Rihanna playing Phyllis Hyman. But who knows, Faith could turn it out. At least we already know she can sing the songs.


Miss Ross is not happy *cue thunder and lightning outside window* I'm just joking y'all. Stop the typing.

Never really cared for Faith Evans' singing. She can sing and all, just don't care for her voice or her PuffyStealEverySongFromThe80s songs, but maybe she can pull this off. Can't be any worse than Jennifer Hudson being cast as Winnie Mandela. WTF is that about?

Nevets Nonnac


I have no skepticism about the multi-dimensional talent of any PERFORMER.

She may or may not pull it off, but I don't put it past her to succeed.

If I had to pick a side, I'd rather root for her than against her.

Hell, every "known" actor has bombed in a role, so being of the craft is no measure of success or character transformation.


as for J-Hud playing Winnie Mandela -this is obviously a biopic financed in the U.S. with the "euro-zone" markets in mind, and she is familiar to those audiences.

It would be "nice" to have a 'native' actress play the role, but ROI is the name of the movie financing game.

Phenopypically speaking, J-Hud is JUST as African as any on the continent (my point,not suggesting that as the reason giving you pause).


I don't know if she can act or not, but, they do have a simlar look, and, as one poster said, this is a story that needs to be told.


The huge age difference is a liitle dubious...Faith's 37, how is she going to play Florence as a teen and young adult? Flo was 24 when she left The Supremes. She'd be most convincing as Flo at the end of her life...I hope Evans can pull it off; anything less than perfect would be an injustice.

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