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12 October 2010



VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! I know it's taking a long time to see real change, but the wheels of justice turn slowly. Keep pushing. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

Nathan James

President Obama is caught between a rock and a hard place on this issue. If he does not appeal Phillips' order, he will get grief from the Joint Chiefs, GOP, and the conservative right. If he does appeal the order, he will have alienated the LGBT community, vis-a-vis his pledge during the SOTU last winter, to end DADT.

We shall see what unfolds.


Vote, Vote, Vote!!


He should do what's right; in my opinion. It may not be politically popular, but the people of this country are tired of politics. The conservative right will always have a problem with anything done by a liberal so he should let it stand. There's no pleasing them.

Mad Professah

He should appeal the order. We should not have federal district court judges forcing the United States to do or not do anything. That is an appellate or SCOTUS level of responsibility.

Do you know how many wacky district court judges Bush has appointed? When one of them strikes down the health care law is the U.S. just supposed to follow along?

Now, if the US appeals from the 9th Circuit to the SCOTUS I will be disappointed.

Black Pegasus

So in the end the Log Cabin Repugnants will ultimately take credit for ending DADT, and not Pres Obama? Seems that way huh...

The Obama Administration should have saw this ruling coming and acted before hand.



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