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04 October 2010



Even I can appreciate that!



Mike Fourth

"Boris Kodjoe Frequently Shirtless on "Undercovers"... Just how the good Lord ordered it.


The shirtlessness is WONDERFUL, but I also think this is a really enjoyable show. I've seen every episode and I hope the show survives.

The Truth

oooh...another great post. mmm


When i saw those abs last week... oh lawd.


I think this show was set up to fail. No one wants to see husband wife spies anymore.Knight & Day and the Killers were both kinda duds this summer. It's good to see an attractive black couple finally. But I would have preferred if it was a show with a stronger concept.


Gimmeny Christmas!!!


The show is not getting good ratings; I doubt it will be renewed.

Distant Lover

Ratings, schmatings!! They've forced Garbage like "Friends, Til Death and Joey" down our throats until it caught (well Joey never did!) The networks cancel shows with black lead characters at the drop of a hat regardless of the ratings! (Noah's Arc, Living Single, Martin, New York Undercover...I could go on!) The only show to survive from these boneheaded network execs was The Cosby Show and we know why. Cuz the Cos got pull!!!


Boris is making 37 look good.

Black Pegasus

Boris will be Hot with or Without this show...

Now...having said that, I doubt this show will be renewed. NBC has a habit of jumping ship on decent programming. I'm still mad at them for canceling Heroes. But anyhoo, I don't watch network TV as much nowadays. I only watch the NFL and Family Guy on sundays.

Much luck to Boris!


My lawd.....


I love this actor,but its benefits him shirtless. i dvr it each week..WOW!


Sorry, but Omari Hardwick serves it better!

chris w

He still looks great.


I think the black community should have a writing campaign for this show if it gets cancelled. Whether you watch it or not, it is important to make sure the executives know we have a voice. Now with that said, if only Boris could be frequently pantless :-)


I look exactly like that when I take off my shirt! LOL! I think the show will get at least 2 seasons. NBC has invested a lot in the marketing to make sure it gets an audience. They even created a cool scavenger hunt game online. Check it out: http://www.nbc.com/undercovers/spy-hunt/


distant lover, the Cosby Show was an instant smash hit, quickly becoming the number one show in the country AND it single-handedly revived NBC and the family sitcom when conventional wisdom (in 1984) thought the genre had died. Cosby had pull, 'cause he had a megahit after years of failed attempts.

Distant Lover

chris-leo, I am in full agreement with you. But how many really good shows featuring black characters were unceremoniously cancelled by the networks? "Under One Roof" with Joe Morton, Vanessa Bell Calloway and James Earl Jones was an outstanding drama about a black family. It didn't last a season. Why? Cuz it didn't have any shuckin' and jivin' Negroes acting like fools.
The Cosby Show is the only show I can recall that portrayed blacks in a positive light that lasted more than a hot minute.


I was having a kind of sucky day until now!! Thank you so much for turning my frown upside down. Boris is sexy beyond words. There are very few guys I look at and use the word "breathtaking" but he truly fits that word. I mean he's "stop dead in your tracks" gorgeous!!!!

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