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12 October 2010


Derrick from Philly

Look at that picture! That's one of the most sinister looking queens I've ever seen. Who the hell would leave their young teenage boy alone with Minister Eveline?...with her processed hair.

Black Pegasus


**Points and Laughs**


It's all coming down. I knew it was only a matter of time before COGIC got in the mix. This is only the beginning.

Former COGIC

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. COGIC bishops, deacons and pastors have been using scripture for decades to pressure members into having sex. It happened to a female cousin of mine and I know of several closeted and pedophile COGIC pastors who do this.

And yes, let's see what the church says this time!


He looks CREEPY!!

Mystic Stranger

COGIC folk scare me ... I remember going to ONE service with some cousins as a kid, and it was like being in the damn twilight zone. I have not been back since. Those people are not right.

no more sheets

in the words of Niecy Nash... BABYY, WE CLEANED HOUSE!!


While allegations like this do not suprise me it is most upsetting to hear especially when a minor is involved. However, he should not be used as a representation of an entire denomination of people.

Former COGIC

@ Terrell:

Sigh. I've been reading your comments on this blog for the last week and you seem almost programmed to defend anything hypocritical in the church, especially on gay issues. A few people have said they have sympathy for you. I was in COGIC once and understand ... but you come across judgmental and like the church people who are judging you and talking about you. It comes across as tiring and sanctimonious.

I applaud you for trying to take baby steps, but we're grown men here. Many of us are not conflicted about our sexuality and dont need another black gay man who is closeted to preach to us. Srsly.

No one is condemning an entire denomination. But the fact remains many COGIC bishops and pastors have been involved and named in sexual misconduct. And there are many gays hiding in COGIC. And its a very antigay church.


@Former COGIC, If I come off that way I apologize sincerily. I didnt defend him or his actions and you are correct their are many in positions of authority abusing it within COGIC and other denominations.


I'd like to know what scriptures encourages grown ass men to molest young teenage boys? Is it in Genesis? Is it Ephesians? Inquiring minds want to know.......


@Former COGIC

I apologize if I have come off that way. I'll just stop commenting.

Honut Sinti

Goodness! These pastors are squeezing, turning and thumping young boys like there is a run on fresh produce.

Former COGIC

Terrell, You really don't have to apologize to me. I'm just one voice here. And please don't stop commenting, no one has said that. I'm simply noting, maybe too forceful, that a lot of your comments come across as judgmental and church based. I understand where you are coming from, I was in COGIC for 30 years and was closeted. But that was years ago, I had to grow up and decide to live a healthy spiritual life for me. But we're all grown gay men here and the majority of us do not want to be preached to. If I was too forceful I apologize.

And fwiw, I know COGIC very well. There is a problem in church leadership, which is why they keep having sexual abuse complaints. It's actually very common for evangelical and doctrinaire (ie Catholic) churches... the more they preach against certain 'sins', the more they are likely hiding something. You rarely see cases like this in less restrictive churches, especially those that preach LGBT inclusiveness.


@Former COGIC

His comments come from his "divine conviction" that a homosexual lifestyle is incompatible with Christ' teachings.

Mel Smith

Lets pray for those boys because this sh!t is crazy. Once again, the heterosexual world will stereotype us because of these phony bast@rds in the churches.

danielle mccleary

Its sad and upsetting that anyone in a position of such influence and power would use ANY church or SCRIPTURE to justify what they are doing. Its a good thing that some of it is being exposed and discussed. Not EVERYONE will judge the whole denomination by the actions of a few, although I am sure some will.... we have to work together to eliminate the hate and fear that continues to seperate people. Regardless of sexual orientation, race, political views etc.


Donnie McClurkin... Equals from me: HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAA HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHHHAHAAHAHAHHAAAA! (But sadly, not really funny at all...I wish that closeted queen would shut the hell up!!) He hasn't fooled some of us from day one, who "knew" him before he ever became famous. He's still sleeping with men and several he's paid off. I'm so glad I left COGIC over 20yrs ago! Gosh!!

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