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28 October 2010



The President said: “We have been as vocal, as supportive of the LGBT community as any President in history.”

That’s not really a very high bar, is it? I think it’s reasonable for us to expect Obama to be more supportive than any previous President, considering what he said in his campaign and how times have changed since Clinton was President.

Can we imagine LBJ fobbing off inaction on civil rights legislation by saying, “We have been as vocal, as supportive of the Negro community as any President in history”? Fortunately, he did not do so.


Well, you know the administration is concerned about the election and motivating voters if Obama 'pops into' a gay DADT meeting one day and meets with bloggers the next day. Its too bad Axelrod and Gibbs have criticized bloggers and progressives all these months.

Dallas Cowboy

What Jim said. I'm over the 'more supportive than any previous President' meme. Compared to who? President George Washington? Teddy Roosevelt? All the presidents to through Jimmy Carter. Okay, Obama wins then. And is it controversial for Democrats to nominate and appoint gay officials in 2010? I don't think so. The administration is acting like this 1993 or 1994 and a gay appointment is historical.

Now, compared the feds to what is going on around the country in 2010 ... how much progress some states are making and how slow the federal government is moving? I dunno. The sad fact is that hospital visitation and the federal hate crimes law (that Obama didnt even need to help pass) will be this administration's lgbt legacy this term. We will not be able to repeal DADT or pass ENDA or anything with a Republican congress or a slimmer Dem majority. And yes, many of us said this for 2 years but too many people said 'we have to wait' and 'we can do it in 2010'.


Translation: he'll change his opinion during his lame duck term once when he doesn't have to worry about losing reelection. Is anyone really surprised? Politicians do this all the time with divisive issues.

Derrick from Philly

Well, maybe by January 2013 there will be Republicans leading the House, Republicans leading Senate and White House; and they will create a long lasting conservative federal judiciary. For disatisfied and disappointed Progressives and Democrats there will be no "gray" areas to complain about anymore--there will be no more "appeasing" Barack Obama. Everything will be a clear case of white and black again--no gray. The clear enemy will be in power, and everything will be simple to figure out again.

Some Gay people's feelings toward Obama remind me of Black people's feelings about John Kennedy in the 2nd year of his presidency, "...he promised us! ...but he's too busy trying to appease those cracka' Democrats down South," they complained. Yes, it's familiar, and the anger is justified... for some(Gay people--yes, even Black Gay people are not a monolith).

I aint arguing with anybody...I just don't see the current political situation as a choice between the lesser of two evils. I see it as a choice between "not so great so far--but with potential" or guaranteed pure evil.

Tired of the Bull

I dont disagree with Dallas Cowboy's statement at all. The GLBT community is tired of being used and abused. Some gays are used to accepting second best, but thankfully thats not the entire community.

Many people are at the point where they either get full equality or nothing at all - no compromises!!

Heterosexual supremacy has crippled not only the momentum of our progress, but also the minds of many GLBT people who think our progress should come at a snails pace as long as it pleases heterosexuals.

Im not second class nor do I feel my equality should be "reasoned" with in order to appease those who are tepid in their support. If it comes down to it, I'd rather have Repubs in control because I know what I'm getting.

To hell with "potential" when its nothing but a gamble and ultimately doesn't work in your favor.

alicia banks

what a fake brazen lying dl hypocrite!

he had no problem evolving with his gay side pcs in chi

why start now???


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