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13 October 2010



AWESOME and so beautiful. I hope someday to meet and marry my soulmate.


What a Lovely Couple! Bravo to Essence for featuring this.

Derrick from Philly

You will, Soulbrotha, because you deserve it. You're one of the good guys. I guess it requires going out not just to the bars/clubs but going to some of the more positive gay venues: book signings, gay theater, film festivals, etc. You'll find him.

I thought I was waiting for my soulmate, but don't you know that sneaky little Tiger Tyson went off and married a woman...a BIOLOGICAL one! I was heart-broken. I cried and cried and cried for about 40 seconds.

Now, I've got a new soulmate I'm waiting for: Brian Pumper. When he decides to come up from that stupid "down low"--I'll be a waitin' for him. I don't know if I can supply all that "tossed salad" that he's used to, but we'll work something out.

Love is beautiful!


that's really cool. hopefully soon people against gay marriage will wake up and realize that it's not scary or wrong or harmful to straight people in any way.

marriage between 2 adults who love each other is a beautiful thing



Honut Sinti

Beautiful indeed!

A digression--I wonder the reaction if the gay partner of one of the rescued Chilean miners ran up and grabbed his boo with unbridled joy. ;)


I wonder the reaction if the gay partner of one of the rescued Chilean miners ran up and grabbed his boo with unbridled joy.

They would whine, “Why did these men have to RUIN such a proud and joyful moment?”

It’s always about them, after all. A homophobe is a narcissist.


Nice to read some good news, in the midst of all the gloom lately.


Stunningly beautiful women! Congratulations


fabulous pics!


Thumbs up to Essence!!!

Congrats on showcasing this marriage.

Coupled with the NY Times showcasing same-sex couples on its Sunday wedding pages, things are picking up ...

Step by step.

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