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04 October 2010


The Truth

Ok, If Lenny wanted it....he could get it.

Derrick from Philly

He inherited his mother's lips and they are delicious.


"oh yes, exotic light skin trade!"

MEH! Gimme something long strong thick n dark! I am getting tired of these frail pretty mofos...


Lenny Kravitz is phyne: CARAMEL OR COCOA! That's a Sexy Brotha right there!!!

Derrick from Philly

Oh, don't give up on him, Darnell. His ding ding and balls are probably much darker.


@ Derrick from Philly!! That is so true!! LoL!


Now that's the Lenny I'm used to seeing.
And that director is smitten with him.

Black Pegasus

Ah yes, the Life of the Rich and Beautiful..Must be nice..


Honut Sinti

That genetic soup looks delicious!


@Darnell: Frail?

This man really looks frail to you?


I never found him all that attractive until he cut his hair, I dont like long hair on any guys but when he cut it off I really noticed him, he's hot as hell.


*Deep sigh* and lustful thoughts...

Mystic Stranger

Him and Janet Jackson have always been my celeb fantasy couple. I wanted them to make a baby. LOL!

That said, he's beautiful. I had really close seats at his concert last year and he looks even better up close.

On a side note ... Dita Von Teese scares me. That heffa needs some sun. I don't know what people see in her ... lol ...

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