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11 October 2010



I hate to sound rude-- but in this case:

GOOD FOR THEM. They'll soon know the extent of pain they caused.

Joseph Allen

I just don't understand. In a country where minorities have endured so much torment over the years, I'd think by now we would learn to live and let live. Sadly, in this case, certain individuals in this country feel quite the opposite.

Taylor Siluwé

I hate to take joy from what awaits these heartless fools, but, well, sue me.

Nathan James

Here's hoping a judge and jury wipe thise grins right off their faces. What took place in the bronx last week was worse than a gay-bashing, it was an atrocity. Unless and until we live in a society that has grown up, and welcomes us into its life, we will read about more horror stories like this one in the future.

We are severely backsliding, as evidenced by this episode, as well as the recent spate of anti-gay attacks around our city, and the wave of young gay men killing themselves. This past weekend, I took part in several demonstrations and marches to protest this disturbing trend. But unless we get up and speak out (where were all the gays and lesbians of color this weekend? They weren't marching with us!), unless we say "this is unacceptable", unless we VOTE, we'll not see much progress in our journey towards equality and freedom from fear.


It is truly unfortunate that they believe that the crime they committed is laughing matter. I have been reading this blog for awhile now and as someone who has just come to terms with his same sex attraction and made the decision to try to never act on those desires due to religious reasons. I found many of the thing you guys labeled as homophobia to not be however after reading this article I thought I had found something that I could agree with you all on as being homophobic but this is so beyond homopobic. Its beyond a crime against gays. Its a heinous crime and an absolute act of depravity against humanity. This is a crime that unlocks the most contrite heart. Its beyond horrible. GOD help them.


Life is indeed a circle....too many times the trend is the oppressed becoming the oppressors....and the cycle continues: Rinse, wash, repeat. And around and around we go as dizzyness ensues....*sigh*

Michael Kehoe

Such a despicable act. What's ironic is that he very act they are accused of doing, and the laughter they enjoyed will soon be the laughter of the person doing it to them in prison. Over and over again, being sold as someone's bitch for a cigarette or a favor. There was a line from a movie that said "It's ashame tthat you will make so many people smile, but you won't know who they are because you will be looking the wrong way !!!! Like the pigs that you are: "Squeal !!!! Squeal!!!! Squeal!!!!!!"

What one does in their bedroom is of NO concern of theirs - unless they are a part of it. Live and Let Live.

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