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27 October 2010



But we in LGBT community still have this Microwave Oven Mentality. We expect this President to change the prejudice and narrow mindless of the military establishment in 24 months without congressional over site. Or Have Gay marriage legal in all 50 states which is the bain of existence of the bible belt and every christian fundamentalist. but hey "its Obama the miracle negro" he can get it done! People are ridiculous especially us in LBGT community

Tired of the Bull

I don't think Gays expect microwave change, however do not grandstand and promise to get things done just to turn around and blame US for not inspiring the change that will make it happen when we’ve done our due diligence.

Gays have and will always have opposition, even among our own fellow gays (sad but true). Equality isn't something that should be "bargained" just to appease those who don't like us, but granted as it already states in our constitution because its the right thing to do.

This is an issue of character and holding those who are in power accountable to doing the right thing is not ridiculous nor should be something that is scorned at because of a some who would rather act as Obama apologists than looking at the real picture and seeing they are unequal to the rest of society.

Amazing how our people will gladly accept second best when we can have so much more.

alicia banks

and can they all legally marry etc???


condi and colin did not make gwn a liberal either

hobama has done NOTHING for gays or anyone else who is not a bankster!

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