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11 October 2010



How does a person end up owing up to 50 million dollars. I got alot of compassion for her but that is incredibly excessive even for hollywood standards. I can barely fathom 1 million dollars let alone 50 million. She was spending money like she was Oprah. WOW.


My mouth dropped when I heard how much money she owes. How the hell did she wrack up so much debt?

Honut Sinti

How in the world?!?!? She seemed bright enough.


If she did not write any of her hit songs, I can clearly understand why she is so far in debt. The real money is in song writing and touring(if you can sell out big venues). That is why Beyonce is listed as song writer on every song she makes even if she does very little writing on the song.

Some of these stars continue to live lavish lives even though they are not making the same money they made in their hay day.When you are shopping at Tiffanie's and staying at the Four Season hotel, but you have not gone platinum in 10 years it will not take long to rack up 50 million in debt.


I read yesterday that she took out show insurance for her Vegas show, but when she had to cancel because of her heart issues, the insurance company said that she failed to disclose a pre-existing condition and voided the policy. I know Sis likes living the high life, but I'm sure this figures into her debt as well.


I felt for her the first time, but this is ridiculous now. $50 Million. If you went bancrupt once, why are you shopping at Tiffany's and staying at the Four Seasons? Motel 6 and TJ Maxx from now on.


Her heart condition was public knowledge for a few years now. How could the insurance company NOT know this before they insured her? She even divulged this bit of news when she was on Dancing With The Stars 2 years ago.

chris w

I never understood that the Real money is in songwriting.

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