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27 October 2010



“‘Because of community prejudice and bias against Mr. Griffin and the amount of prejudicial pretrial publicity,’ [Paralegal Noah Williams] argued, saying the trial should not be held in Monroe County.”

Translation: We want this fine upstanding lad to be judged by a bunch of Hoosier crackers, who will believe us unhesitatingly when we tell them that this exemplar of white youth was shamelessly assaulted by a pinko black pervert.


I'd love to see a gay person use "straight panic" as a defense, just to see how far they would get. I hope the judge in this case isn't foolish enough to buy any of this.

Derrick from Philly

Thank you, Rod, for this update. Unfortunately, my non-activism extends to every aspect of my life--I hadn't kept up with this case which should be of personal interest to me. Thanks for letting us know.

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