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04 October 2010



Go you two!!

Black Pegasus

Isn't LaLa Vazquez the same clucka who went on a rant about people mistaking her for BLACK? She did interviews with multiple magazines trying to put out the word that she's a Latina..

Hoe sit down! I ain't feeling you right now.


I dont get Lala being there. Her husband has made homophobic comments more than once on camera. Once was on his episode of punk'd.

Mark N.

I read somewhere that Eve did a similar thing. This is great and I hope and pray that other entertainers/celebrities get on this bandwagon. Me and several friends were discussing the issue of LGBTQ suicides that have taken place lately and since I am in the social work profession I was the only one discussing or trying to come up with intervention strategies. This was one of them.


Almost too vague, and why is LaLa in the shadow shot (practically adding nothing) and they both appear topless? Relaunch this campaign and use more vivid language.


I think every little bit helps.
These are both high profile girls who, quite frankly, didn't have to do anything.
I commend them for taking a stand.


This isn't vague to me at all. They said everything one could say in their one minute spot. Sometimes it's best to get to the point and say what you need and then press. I like it. They really had no real reason to have to do it, but they did. I give them their props for this.

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