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04 October 2010


Nathan James

It was encouraging to see how many people came out in the rain last night to join us in Washington Square Park to remember those who couldn't take the torment any longer, and ended their lives. Even through my sadness and fury towards people who still think it's OK to ridicule, bully, and harass others because they are gay or lesbian, I was uplifted by the presence of so many members of our LGBT community, who came out to say "nobody should die because they are gay or lesbian".

I stood in the park, surrounded by friends, and listened to the words of our Speaker and Governor as they decried these suicides, and promised to work even harder to make it clear that homophobic bullying of our precious gay youth is unacceptable. However, I couldn't help thinking that their words were spoken in a state and city where it's still illegal for gays abd lesbians to marry, and in a country where our military thinks it's a disgrace for gays to wear their country's uniform. Our leaders give us messages of support at vigils and rallies like this one, but until official givernment policy and law embraces and includes the LGBT community, they will be mixed messages, at best. Until we live in an environment where we are understood and included in all areas of human affairs, we will be assembling for more vigils and rallies in the future.


Very well said @Nathan James.

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