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01 October 2010


Former COGIC

"I want my pain to stop. I want the pain of the other sons to stop. I want to make sure this pain never starts for another young man that goes to this church."

That is exactly what this is about!

Pastors should NOT be seducing young boys or girls in their congregations. And they definitely should not be having sex with them in a supposedly holy place. But in my 20 years in COGIC, I saw all that and much more. That church is a mess and many pastors are doing the Eddie Lon.

Who knows what else was going on in this so called church?

Former COGIC

And where are all of the inane comments that were tearing these young men down earlier this week? Haven't seen them in the stories about gay teen suicides. Are they gonna attack Jamal again, saying that he was 'old enough' to be seduced by his pastor IN THE CHURCH?

Have mercy on our dysfunctional black gay community. We have been victimized so much, and are doing to other young men, that we think it is normal.


I'm almost speechless.
Thanks for posting this.




Oh, and Anthony Cannon, you were not young enough for Eddie Long to "have" you so spare me please with your "interview".

Derrick from Philly

You know, one of the ways in which young men who have reluctantly participated in homosexual activity try to "redeem" themselves is by developing an incredible hatred for gay men--eventhough openly gay men had nothing to do with their sexual exploitation. Some even resort to vicious gay-bashing, causing some openly gay boys/ young men to suffer, causing them to maybe attempt suicide.

It IS possible to despise the hypocritical, viciously anti-gay Bitchup Eddie Long--and want to see him punished; while at the same time not have very strong feelings at all for the young men involved. Obviously, it is the "sex for pay" aspect of this case which keeps some of us guarding our sympathies for the young men.

"Yes, but he fiendishly started molding them when they were only twelve/thirteen years old and very vulnerable! By the time they reached sixteen years old they COULDN'T MAKE A SOUND DECISION TO STOP HIM, OR GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Yes, I read about it, and I want Bitchup Long punished for it--for doing what he did to them when they were...boys.

For those of us who've been "out" since prepuberty, and dealt with the streets and "straight trade" all our sex lives...well, the loss of boyhood innocence seems to happen very early--for all involved. It's hard for us to see anybody, adult or teenager, as innocent.

Our different life experiences result in us having different perspectives on life, and to make very different decisions about who/what requires our sympathy and empathy.


Very suspect of these dudes...too suspect for me. I have a 18yr old son, and he's been around men in the church, at school, etc., he's never had this problem. Dude says "it's like a drug being around him" it all sounds rehearsed, and pre-written for them to say. ANYONE can make up a good story and lie to your face to get what they want. I could see if they were 14 and 15, but 17??? You KNOW whats right and wrong, and you know better. I find it hard to believe these dudes were that naive and gullable. I'm tellin' you, it all sounds suspiciously suspect, like a plot to extort money because someone at that church pissed them off, and it wasn't Eddie Long, or maybe it was. But I don't believe he messed with them that long. At 17 your a young man, young men don't usually keep quiet, they speak up and out. And if these guys are so "eloquent" as people say, they were that back then and should've spoke up. YES - Bishop probably did take them places and buy them things, but once it stopped, they get pissy, and concoct a major plan - and what happens? They sue, sue, sue. If it's that important, why not just tell it, WITHOUT a lawsuit for money?? Just simply tell it. Instead, their backing their claims with a request for money. These are some gay sissyboys lookin' to make a buck, and jumpin' up on TV any chance they get to be seen and make a name for themselves. Do any of them work, go to school? Or do any of them do the ATL gay nite life? Lets see if all THAT comes out. Eddie didn't step down cause a guiltless person wouldn't.

Derrick from Philly

" Do any of them work, go to school?"


I think Mr Parris is in law school.

Oh, Lawd, this always happens to me on these fu-kin' blogs. I try to make a point VERY GENTLY, and then the next commenter after me with a slightly similar point of view goes to the extreme.

Chile, let me get oughtta' here and head on to the state liquor store

Greg G

"These are some gay sissyboys lookin' to make a buck..."

On the one hand you admit the vicious antigay pastor probably seduced them all, on the other hand you say 17 year old teenagers should know better. You're a trifling ghetto queen and a sad piece of work.

You have a twisted mind. If you think supposedly straight (or whatever)black men have nothing better to do than making up claims of male on male sex, you obviously are deranged. And Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande don't even know the first two men. So random people all around the country are making up stories about the "guiltless" Bishop?

Former COGIC

@ Baladus:

'I could see if they were 14 and 15, but 17??? You KNOW whats right and wrong, and you know better.'

Each man has said 'Bishop' (smdh) befriended them when they were 14 or 15 years old and seduced them into sex when they were all 16 years old. And notice that you conveniently skipped over that.

Now, at 25 or 30 you might know or not know that you are gay or straight. And some people may know (you obviously don't) what is 'right or wrong.' But it is NOT right to take teenage boys on foreign trips and give them sleeping pills and touch them. It is NOT right be a pastor of an ANTIGAY CHURCH and hold covenant ceremonies with 16 and 17 year old BOYS. It is NOT right to use church funds to buy boytoys gifts and cars. And it is NOT right to have sex with teen boys and young men IN THE CHURCH.

And this is surely the tip of the iceberg. You don't know if 'Bishop' pimped these boys and young men to other men in the church. You don't know if 'Bishop' or others took photos or videos to blackmail them. Or their families. We already know that one tried to commit suicide. You don't about the others. What if one of the, did kill himself? You don't know if any of these boys caught HIV, can't perform with men, can't perform with women, turned to drugs or whatever.

You are Example 101 of the biggest problems in our black gay/same gender loving community. Instead of trying to protect our youth, or lift our community, or fight for equal rights, you are DEFENDING the antigay pastor who marches against gay rights and calls out supposed gay people in his church. You sound like either a hypocritical church queen or some hateful black church lady. In any event, your showing no concern that a PASTOR seduced TEENS IN TE CHURCH and gave others sleeping pills in foreign countries say a helluva lot about you.

Black Pegasus

Well said Derrick from Philly!


You sound like the typical church queen who will defend "Bishop Long for Cock" until the bitter end. You and your nasty hateful views are disgusting! I feel sorry for your 18yr old son that he has a father like you! Grow up!


hmmm and the plot thickens


>>>I have a 18yr old son, and he's been around men in the church, at school, etc., he's never had this problem.

And that proves what, Sherlock?
You're hateful and as someone said above a church queen and hot mess.

I don't even believe you have an 18 year old son. Clearly you would or should have more concern. And clearly you would know that teenage boys hold many secrets, especially around abuse or sex.

Oh and Jamal Parris and one of the other young men doesn't even live in Atlanta. Silly queen.

M. Mark

"You don't know if 'Bishop' pimped these boys and young men to other men in the church. You don't know if 'Bishop' or others took photos or videos to blackmail them. Or their families. We already know that one tried to commit suicide. You don't about the others. You don't know if any of these boys caught HIV..."

You'd betta preach COGIC. PREACH!

Why did this beautiful young man try to kill himself? And why did the other young man tell his family, his girlfriend and a police officer? What really was going on? How many other men at this church had their way with those boys?

And a lawsuit (or criminal charges) are really the only way to go. You see the church members don't care. The other pastors don't care. And just from reading these comments, many people in our own Black SGL community don't care. People are looking the other way or blaming the victims. If I were one of the victims, I'd make a beeline for the white lawyers, too. Our Black community already let us down and the Black SGL community is even more effed up.


Baladus4, (or Mrs. Vanessa Long?)
Statistically, young men are less likely to speak up just for the stupid, bass-ackward reasoning you displayed in your post. Blaming the victim much? Did it ever occur to you or others that perhaps these boys were gay or bi-sexual and were still exploited and used by a man who misused his authority as a pastor and a grown man. As far as them just telling it. The 4th guy did tell it, to his family, ex-girlfriend, and a police officer (at least that what he said) The COGIC has a lawsuit happening right now because the victim told someone without the $$ being involved and NOTHING happened! Thank God the ran to a lawyer.
Too bad you can't imagine the hesitancy of a 17 year old young boy-man running to a parent, church member, teacher, friend or anyone else to report his abuser. It is just your attitude that makes it harder for men to come forward.

Actually, you may be a member of New Birth; if so you better interview your OWN son, Mr.
yes, of course they are lying, "little gay sissy boys". That's what you need to believe to keep your ignorance saturated world in orbit. SHUT UP!
The manipulation of these young men began as early as 14 years old. Long's manipulation of them was multi-pronged, father, mentor, minister, friend, benefactor, celebrity friend, travel agent, etc. Please get your head out of the sand. I hope
Derrick from Philly, PLEASE bring some rum back for me! I need one too!


@ Former COGIC,
Unequivocally, correct! I was that young, sangin, choir boy, that pastor liked displaying as his trophy piece. I didn't mind because pastor NEVER demonized same gender loving people. He preached inclusion covertly that even mother of the church said amen without knowing what pastor said.

Anyway, I think one has to be on the inner workings of the church to truly see what really goes down low. Nevertheless, same sex attraction is not the sin, nor problem here. It is the hypocrisy, manipulation and abuse of power.

Blame the victim first!

>>>I have a 18yr old son, and he's been around men in the church, at school, etc., he's never had this problem.

Yeah, and my 18 year old daughter walked through a park one night and wasn't raped, so obviously no one is ever raped.

Sad, sad, sad. I bet you vote with the same brain you can hold these beliefs in.


The former football player says he'll stand by the pastor "wherever the chips may fall." Basically that means whether or not he's proven guilty of being a sexual predator he stands by him...

It's a miracle what money can do.


***Waving tambourine at Cindy Birdsong, Former COGIC, Derrick and Greg***


>they should have spoken out sooner...

Let's see. I'm 18 and getting world travel, cars, jewelry and clothes, being told I am SPECIAL and deserve all this... Oh and yeah there is sex demanded... but you don't want to talk about that, especially when you know if you do, the SPECIAL TREATMENT will stop. Then one day Daddy finds a new boy and you are out anyway. No longer special, just used up and tossed aside by someone you learned to love as a father even though he made you "do that stuff".

It would make me think about suicide. It would definately make me find a way to make it stop.

These men have all the credibility in the world. They are admitting to being used. It's as traumatic as a woman admitting to rape. Maybe in some ways, even harder to admit.

jg, III

In all, this is going to be an education within the black church community. If, anything changes, I will be surprised but the conditions for abuses within our churches have been ripe for a while for these extremes cases to come to fruition. Sex abuse is just but one kind of abuse that has been happening but years and centuries of psychological and theological abuse goes unabated.

Dallas Cowboy

As someone mentioned above, the responses given here perfectly illustrate why people who are abused are always reluctant to come forward. The victims are not believed or are blamed for their own situation.

If people who do not believe or do not want to believe a 21, 22 or 23 year old, how dare you suggest that they "should have came forward" at 16 or 17 years old. If you don't believe these adults today, why would you have believed them as children a few years ago? And isn't this when predators often prey on children? And didnt the football player, his mother and others say they will stand by this hypocritical pastor no matter what?

And I'm calling bullshite on people who suggest that 16yo they "should have known better." It's a sexual "coercion" lawsuit because the pastor and authority figure used his influence, authority, bible verses and yes money! to convince them it was right. God bless these young men for coming forward and thank god Jamal Paris was not successful trying to take his own life. As COGIC said, who know how many other men they were pimped out to or what secrets they haven't shared.



This is simply scandalous. During choir praise portion Eddie was hittin hallelujahs? Talk about mood music.


These threads are ROFL.

Grown azz black gay men who clearly don't know right from wrong say the teen boys should have known right from wrong. Hilarious.

We need more Rev Kev's in our community. We need to stop looking at hot young boys as sex objects and mentor them as sons and members of our community.I was abused by a father figure (coach and assistant pastor) when I was a teen and I can empathize.

Derrick, I'm sorry you don't have "sympathy or empathy" for 16 year old boys who were hustled by a con artist (=preacher) and taught to suck the pastor's dick in the church. I repeat, in the church. And probably deacons, too. If the man tried to kill himself, who knows what else happened. Our black community has repeatedly failed its youth, black gay men even more so when situations like this arise.

Baladus, you're just hateful. I sincerely doubt you have any teenaged children because you're barely literate yourself. But if you do have children and are excusing this alleged behavior, it sounds like you might perpetuating it or allowing similar abuse.


Long is a disgusting SOB!

I REALLY wish Jamal all the best. He's really a strong man.

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