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01 October 2010



I ask everyone to please pray for these brave young men.

Eddie Long and his attorneys have hired a private investigator to “look into the allegations.” Now why would Eddie Long need to hire a private investigator to look into allegations that directly involve him and his actions? He already knows what he did and didn’t do concerning these allegations. The private investigator was obviously hired to look for or fabricate dirt to smear these young men. Shameless, vicious and heartless! smdh.

I hope that this move may lead many in his congregation to question this step as well and put pressure on him to relent and come clean.


What exactly are the accusers charging Eddie Long with? I understand that they are hurt and miss the man that they loved but you can't file charges for that... Eddie Long could have gotten away from this ordeal if it wasn't for them pictures. Just like Parris said the pics speak for themselves...


the only thing admirable about Long is his taste in men.

Mel Smith

I don't like people in positions of authority taking advantage of young people.


Y were there no females in any of the programs? Do the sisters not need any guidance? Also I understand this church has 25k+ members. It seems suspect that all4 of the young men are handsome nd in shape. It just seems like E.L. has a type. like out of 25k why were there no overweight or young men that look like Biggie, especially if his emphasis was on getting into/maintaining shape? I'm just saying I believe the young men. No black dude n the world wud come out nd make thisstory up. And I think that wife knew sumthing.

Mel Smith

And it's terrible that a
self-hating scumbag would take advantage of youth. Like someone posted earlier, this sh!t does nothing but bring more homophobia.

Mitch Wright

I am pleased about what has happened. This sexual encounters in the church has gone on for far too long. So-called Black "DL" chuch men befriending young men to gain sexual favor. Bishop Long is not the first. The person that came onto this site most likely has behaved in the same manner. I work on a college campus and I am around young men of age, but I know it is unaccpetable to engage in any type of sexual behavior with these men. It is quite obvious that Eddie Long felt he had a ordained right to do whatever he wanted. Now he is paying and will be pyaing the price.


The point is that Long used his position,religion and money to influence young impressionable men into having sex with him. He sowed the seeds while they were underage then did the deed as soon as they became of age so as to avoid criminality.

Its not criminal because they were of age but it is evil and devious as fuk. In addition how would u feel if he you were lead to believe that you were fukking with a man in the name of the lord. Then all of a sudden u are dropped and the same man that led u down that path is preaching on Sunday about how people like you who sleep with men are evil and are going to hell.

If all that isnt abusive ....

Ediie Long needs to be pulled down...


Why is there no outrage over E.L. using church funds 2splurge? Isn't that money from member donations?

Taylor Siluwé

The amount of people willing to stand by Eddie Long, a notorious Jesus Pimp and homophobe, shows how much people can be broken and blinded by their own need to believe in some thing or somebody - even if that thing is an illusion and that somebody is a monster.

Sadly, the wave of gay youth suicides of late shows the cost of that delusional blind devotion to a man who gleefully advocates hate and "death" to sinners.

Kevin Disalmo

there is no smoke without fire

Mel Smith

Again, blind, prejudice and one-sided people will respect a self-hating person if he/she speaks about what they want to hear.


I have to ask in all seriousness what is it exactly they are suing him for? the guy waited until they were of age right? I know he was "working on them" until they were 18 but they were 18 once the sex actually started weren't they? I think this man is a complete jerk don't get me wrong but I don't understand exactly what these young men are suing for other than maybe just to get the word out on this guy.


I saw someone say this was like rape, it's nothing like rape. Rape is a violent act, this was an act of seduction and the young men gave themselves willingly after being "talked into it" it's a totally different thing.

I'm not saying this was right in any way at all but you can't compare this to rape in any serious way.

I do think at 18 you know better than that, I don't know anyone in this day and age that is that naive about sex, they are all probably young gay men who thought they were going to have it all and now it's gone. He did play with them emotionally I have no doubt about that but again that is not rape.

With that being said I don't think these guys are doing it to get rich though I think they are all hurt and fealt used and wanted to get back at this guy for doing what he did but he didn't rape them.

Former COGIC

>>>I have to ask in all seriousness what is it exactly they are suing him for? the guy waited until they were of age right? I know he was "working on them" until they were 18 but they were 18 once the sex actually started weren't they?

Really JinCA? You have to ask 'in all seriousness' this? Did you read the lawsuits that were posted? The ANTI GAY PREACHER is being sued for sexual coercion and using his influence to seduce TEENAGE BOYS. It's the same as a teacher, principal or coach. They looked at him as a father figure.

Eddie Long started "working on them" when they were 14 AND 15 and always started having sex with them when they were 16, which is Georgia's age of consent. But it clearly is not right for a pastor or authority figure to bribe, convince and use bible verses on 16 year olds for sex, male or female.

N0 ONE SAID THIS WAS RAPE. You made all that up, probably as a diversion. If it was rape or child sexual abuse, there would be police involved. I'm calling you on that one.

Can I ask you and the others a question: What the frick do you personally care what they are suing for or why? You are not named or have to pay. I would think as a gay man you would be ecstatic that yet another antigay hypocrite who fought against our rights has been exposed. Instead, many of question a lawsuit that will have no financial impact on you personally. And have no concern on the bigger picture or for these young men.

The inane comments in these Eddie Long perfectly illustrate the problems in our community. Too many of us were abused or used when we were teens, or, I suspect, are USING and ABUSING TEEN BOYS themselves. Too many are describing 16 and 17yos as 'trade' or 'gay for pay'. And the straight black church folk don't care to learn to truth. And too many people say 'they should have come forward', but when they do at 20, 21 and 22yo, then they waited too long.

This young man also tried to committ suicide, JinCA. And that at 16 and 17yo, the antigay preacher was sexing him in the church. What else do you think happened that made him try to kill himself? And what if that were your son?


If you "seriously" want to know what they are suing for, READ THE LAWSUIT FILINGS THAT ARE POSTED RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG. Are you waiting to have us read it to you?

Chris Cruz

Thank you OOPS!

Rod has gone out of his way to post the entire lawsuit filings on this page. He was the first one to do it and did it to make sure we read everything that was alleged. And it still isn't enough for some people. They still "don't understand" or "don't know." Or even worse, like Jinca or Baladus, they'll keep confusing the facts and still keep saying they don't understand.

Read the lawsuits, people. It's all posted right here under EDDIE LONG. If you haven't read by now, its because you don't want to.


I know this is beside the point but did anyone else notice the huge, red "drug" sign when he was describing the effect Eddie Long had on them? That's kinda foreboding if not creepy.


Sorry COGIC but there is a post on the first page of these comments that compares this to rape so maybe you can shove that "you are making that up" crap up ur rear end.

From what I had read and heard the boys were 18, what you said contradicts what I had read someplace else, if they were 16 which is the legal age I can see more of an issue because that is definetly too young (I think the legal age should be 18 in all 50 states) I wonder though how you prove that he made them do it?

I had always heard sexual coercion was more about someone making you do it by threatening you in some way that didn't exactly have to be physical but like threatening to kick you out of the house or something to that effect.

No matter what happens with this I do hope this man is punished, he's a creepy odd person who obviously wants to feed his ego by getting all the young good looking guys he can while at the same time basking in the spotlight that a bunch of sheep give him.

I'm sorry but anyone who still follows this man has no mind of their own, I'm sure someone will get mad at me for saying that because there are people here who find it their purpose in life to be offended by comments others make but I really couldn't care less.

Followers follow and have no mind of their own, people who follow this man need to think for themselves and not rely on other people to "lift them up" nobody is better or worse than anyone else so going and putting these liars at all of these churches up on pedistals is just insane.


COGIC one last thing I will say to you is I think you need to calm your rear end down, you made all kinds of assumptions about me and all of them are FALSE! you don't know me and you don't know how I feel about this, I am not going to write every single feeling down I have, if you decide you have to fill in the blanks because that's on you but you are flat out WRONG!!!!

My point in asking what I did was because I had heard these guys were of age and were 18, I read that in another article I didn't read it here on this site, if the state says you are of legal age then I don't know how you prove someone made you do it without threateing you because you can always do something willingly then go back on someone else after the fact if you don't get hwat you want, women pull that on men all the time which is sad because then when it really happens people don't believe them. I am not saying that's what these young men are doing though so you don't have to get all huffy and puffy and act like you are defending them.

I do think this man is guilty of a crime it's just a crime I think is pretty hard to prove.

I do care that he is someone who lies about who he is but I don't blame him totally for I blame all the ignorant people who sit in his church services and give him money, he would have no "power" at all if those people didn't give it to him, they are the ones I am more angry at, he's just telling them what they want to hear so they keep coming back.

He figured out how to make money off of those morons and he's doing it. I think he's a sick hypocrite, he's saying one thing and doing another, he's just putting on a show for the ignorant masses that follow him and he's having a good time doing it. He is flat out wrong to do that, he should have more morals than that but quite frankly people that would give a man who spews this kind of hate money and love and praise are people I think the world is better off without.

Greg G

"From what I had read and heard the boys were 18, what you said contradicts what I had read someplace else.."

JinCA, I'm co-signing what Former COGIC. Your previous comments and very very long backpedals keep stressing what you "heard". Or what people said in "comments". Do you want to move on or do you want to keep arguing about what you "heard"? Sounds like you want to keep arguing about what you "heard".

The complete lawsuits were posted on this blog when they were filed and have been linked to many times. The young men were befriended by Eddie Long at 14 or 15 and they had sex when they were 16. The age of consent in Georgia is 16, but most 16 and 17 year olds don’t have the experience and knowledge of an adult. Most courts in the 50 states agree that pastors, ministers, teachers, therapists, counselors and doctors have tremendous influence over people's lives and are a special circumstance even if there are of legal age. If you are 30 years old and suicidal and seeing a psychiatrist, and your psychiatrist seduces you, you could even have a similar suit.

"I had always heard sexual coercion was more about someone making you do it by threatening you in some way that didn't exactly have to be physical but like threatening to kick you out of the house or something to that effect. ..."

'I always heard..' Here we go again. Do you mean like putting these teenage boys up rent free, paying their mom's mortgage or paying their tuition and saying give me sex or it stops? Those are what the lawsuits say. And it’s obvious you still have not read them! Spencer Legrande says that after he pulled away and stopped having sex, Eddie Long started charging him rent and asked him to return the car. Another boy was kicked out of a house owned by the church. You question how it could be sexual coercion if they weren't "threatened to [be] kicked out" and in fact they all were. I'm through discussing this case with you and anyone else who refuses to read the documentation and keeps questioning why these young men have a suit.


Tell it Greg.
Denial is not a river in Egypt.

Mel Smith

And I don't understand how any of us on this site can defend a self-hating creep.

Black Pegasus

Ok, I know many of you are familiar with Eddie Long's anti-gay rhetoric, but for those who're not, check out this video I found on Bossip. I couldn't find it on Youtube. I'm gonna forward it to Anderson Cooper at CNN as well. I knew this hypocrite was disgusting, but after watching this HATE SPEECH against our Gay Brothers and Sisters, I was appalled!

Copy and Paste it, and enter it into Google Search.


Mel Smith

Thanks Black Pegasus. And if all these things are true about Bishop Long, he's a truly disgusting human being. Him and all the other homophobic twisted bigots.

How can someone disrespect and promote the dislike and hatred of their own kind?

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