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29 October 2010



Wow! Good for them! I'm glad they stood up. If we could only get all of the "church kids" in the US to stand up against anti gay ministers......

Tired of the Bull

Isn't it ironic how many of these "Ministers" and Anti-Gay alliance groups readily and hastily flock to Black nations to spead this hate?

When's the last time you've heard of these groups go over to Norway or Denmark?

Makes you think what's their REAL motive in behind the targeting of specific countries and continents?


Because they know their message will resonate with most blacks unfortunately. White people do their homework. These ministers know most blacks, be it American or not, are homophobic so they'll typically be more receptive to their message than more liberal-minded whites.


I absolutely LOVE the look he is serving in the smaller pic.

King Drive

>>When's the last time you've heard of these groups go over to Norway or Denmark?

Are you serious? American ex-gay ministers would be arrested, fined or deported from Norway or Denmark. Those are two of the most progressive and gay friendly nations on earth.

Stop blaming this on some racist conspiracy. The white evangelicals and ex-gays (and black ones too) are INVITED to these African and Caribbean nations by the churches or governments themselves, like in Uganda. As Trey said, black people tend to be disproportionately fundamentalist and are receptive to these messages. We are in the USA and we are in Africa and the Caribbean.

And kudos to these young people. They're doing more than many young black gay men in the USA. You rarely see black LGBTs protesting this type of bs at home. Instead of protesting or leaving, we join those churches.


Trey said: “Because they know their message will resonate with most blacks unfortunately. White people do their homework. These ministers know most blacks, be it American or not, are homophobic so they’ll typically be more receptive to their message than more liberal-minded whites.”

“White people do their homework.” They surely do. Like all those people who love Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and listen to James Dobson and Michael Savage (to name just a handful that come to mind) and watch Fox News. Let me tell you, any people who gets their homework assignments from Glenn Beck—and they are almost all white—get an “F” before they even begin.

“...most blacks, be it American or not, are homophobic...” So is this a genetic thing? Something caused by vitamin D deficiency? Is this why the Black Congressional Caucus has consistently been the most reliable ally gay people have in Congress? Is this why Rod has, in the last few days, posted reports on three anti-discrimination ordinances, all sponsored by black city councilman?

I am really tired of this theme.


Thanks, Rod, for posting this video.

Two things really impress me about this: First, Mr. O’Brien, who is so confident in this interview and so thoughtful in his analysis, is only about 17 years old. (See 12:13 in the first clip, where he says this.) Are there a lot of American 17-year-olds who could give an interview like this? If there are, I don’t think we’re seeing them on television.

Which leads me to the second thing: Mr. O’Brien was given a whole commercial-free half hour to talk on national television—with no interruptions, no threatening questions, no “other side” presented by some bigoted evangelical pastor, and no video-game computer graphics to make it all palatable to a dumbed-down audience. How backward is that?

Come on, T&T. You need to get as stupid as we are.

Brendon J. O'Brien

Actually, I'm 20. And, for my own pride mostly, I'm definitely assuming that last statement was sarcastic...lol.
I'm glad to see that you guys mostly appreciated the interview. Like Jim, I disagree that black people are usually homophobic. While homophobia is very much a situation in Trinidad, it isn't something that only displays itself amongst Afro-Trinidadians. Some are just too afraid of what people would think of them, in a society like ours at least.

Kevin Perez

Brazil, considered the murder capital for LGBT (no, strangely enough, it's not Jamaica) and the largest Black diaspora, believe it or not, is probably the only nation where descendendants of Black slaves don't harbor thoughts of conspiracy theories and blame LGBT for socital problems. In the State of Bahia, in the city of Salvador, and the Northeastern region of Brazil, the are many traditional Afro-based religions, and I do mean plenty, that welcome LGBT. It actually plays an important part to two of the most despised groups in Brazil, dark-skinned Blacks and LGBTs. Diversity is a word that I tire hearing about in liberal circles. It's lost its meaning, especially when "diversity" can be seen in Black communities in Brazil by the geographic location of where their ancestors were forcibly brought, not mention the mulitple, yes, DIFFERENT traditional religions. That's diversity. That's not being monolith.

Hearing diversity about Christianity or Islam, to religions specific about homosexuality, are tired memes. There plentiful ways to find spirtuality.


Thanks for covering this so nicely, Rod! In the face of so many suicides in the US, I worry that our attention to them may be overwriting them as young people's reality. So it's really powerful to show a different set of options of how young people are making it better for other young people. Consider this T&T's "It gets better" video. Thanks for your support of Brendon! Follow more of the story and other news from T&T on our link.


I can't give enough love and admiration to Mr. O'Brien and Kudos to the T&T media for allowing him to persuasively state his case and not being part of the problem. Jamaica, are you listening?


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Brendon O'Brien as a Trini brother i must say your are truly a solider. It about time someone spoke up for what one felt. Unlike Jamaica Trinidadian took the time to listen. You make me proud to be a Trini :) One luv.

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