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12 October 2010


Black Pegasus

Thanks for the PSA Nikki Meningitis, but I'm a 90s kid. Lil Kim will always be the Queen Bee. You're just a gimmicky industry tool..

**leaves thru the emergency exits before the mob arrives**


I love you too nicki!

Chris Cruz

@ Black Pegasus:

Really? Kids are killing themselves and being beat to death for being gay ... and that's your response? Cattiness?

FWIW, I'm a 90s kid too. Kim and Nikki are both industry tools, neither write their own lyrics and both use their T&A to sell records. But I don't recall Lil Kim speaking out on gay teen suicides or gay anything back in the 90s. Sure, she's been to a few prides in the past few years, but when Kim was huge she never spoke out on these issues.

Oh and I don't see anything gimmicky about speaking out on an unpopular subject like homophobia or gay teen suicide. And I'd say Kim's addiction to plastic surgery is more of a 'gimmick' than speaking out on behalf of gay teens.


Chris Cruz...Kim writes...stop the shade...


It's good to see young celebrities of color speaking out on this subject. I would love to see more black and latin male celebrities support this anti-bullying/suicide awareness campaign.

Chris Cruz

"Stop the shade..."

That's what I was saying. This wasn't supposed to be about Kim vs Nicki. Seven gay teens have taken their lives in recent weeks—and the most recent two were black gay and lesbian college students. Nicki offered some words of encouragement.

I don't really know or care did Kim write (past tense) her lyrics when she was hot. I dont think she did. But for the record, I don't recall her speaking out against homophobia and gay teen suicides when she was charting. I recall her going to PRISON for lying to a grand jury about a shooting. Now, you want to talk about using a platform for good, being a role model, etc?

Black gay teens are killing themselves. Black gay men are still supporting antigay churches. And we arent reaching out to gay youth. And the first comment out the gate is a Kim vs Nicki diss? Stop the shade indeed.

Mystic Stranger

I don't care who said it as long as it's said. This is about the tragedies.

I'm 31 and very much of the Kim era but the fact of the matter is this Nikki Minaj girl is the one kids today relate to and at least at this point, she's the one speaking up. I say good for her. Somebody has to say something. If people are gonna be throwing shade throw it to the Creole negress leeching off of our culture every chance she gets - I haven't heard that airhead say a word yet about any of this.


Nicki didn't "offer" anything...she was asked a question...she answered, and who wouldn't offer words of encouragement and empathy about these tragedies unless they were heartless? So puh-leez, no need to gas this B up like she's Winnie Mandela or something....


sounds kinda phony and not heartfelt. seems more concerned with her image and nicki you know damn well what they go through thats why you dont claim to be gay anymore afraid of backlash. i dont know about anyone else but i could have done without this.


btw, 90's kid too and kim rocked but nicki flows better and they both are gimmicks. who cares. i just broke a nail.

Greg G

>>>Nicki didn't "offer" anything...she was asked a question...she answered...

ROFLMAO. That's right Butch, Nicki speaking to gay teens on MTV about suicide is meaningless.

I don't think anyone said Nicki was a great humanitarian but Winnie Mandela? You must've missed Winnie's murder trial and Nelson divorcing her ...

I'm with Mystic Stranger, Freeleo and Chris. I'm not even sure how this thread became a Nicki Minaj diss forum, but very typical for our black gay community. We need all hands on deck and everyone to call attention to these horrible tragedies. We're the first to criticize everyone who does something and the last do anything to help our community.

For what it's worth, I cant even tell you what Nicki sings or what label she is with. But she is in the spotlight now and obviously very popular. If her words, or Ciara or Lala's words, reach even one or two gay teens and save a life or two, then they have done more than most.

And Butch, maybe you didnt read the entire post, but it's a little bit more than answering one question on MTV. Nicki Minaj just covered OUT magazine, and talked about gay teens to Paper and Details. That's reaching millions of people. And that's doing a helluva lot more than some most closeted black gay men sniping away on blogs.

Mystic Stranger

Yeah you are right Greg. I have no idea what she sings either, lol ... all I know is my teen cousins (who make me feel old as HELL) on Facebook LOVE that child. They quote her rhymes and everything in their status, LOL. So her words can have an impact on kids of that generation. Let's applaud her for being on our side ... we are not in the position to be cherry picking allies fellas.


Nicki is awesome, the kids love and respect her, and we can ALL use as many positive messages as we can get.


Its good that she is speaking out however messages like this rarely get over to teens. Its up to school administrators and parents to protect these kids and teach the bullies that bullying isnt cool. Why arent rappers entertainers and public figures condeming the bullies? It gets better. While I agree with the statement for me it sends the message that they have to tolerate the bullying and wait until it gets better. Where are the people to say better starts today. Again I believe that starts with parents teachers and councilors. Am I wrong?


Good for you Nicki.


WOW, I would have never thought that Nicki Minaj would give the best comment/answer on this subject.

After hearing about the unfortunate suicide of the seventh LGBT youth to commit suicide in recent weeks, I believe this is becoming fashionable, a way to solve your very real and deep issues with sexuality and acceptance, and you get your name in the spotlight as an added bonus.

I know that may come across as a harsh assessment, and I'm in no way trying to discount what these people are going through, but it's not new. A rash of suicides is new.

Nicki hit the nail on the head several times in under two minutes. She clearly states that suicide is not the answer, she identifies that everyone goes through adversity, and she promotes survivors and "winning".

I mentioned this in a recent comment, but we need to start/continue shedding the spotlight on survivors, winners, those who did NOT commit suicide. These are the role models that struggling teens need.

Toddy English

Hate on Nicky haters. I love her. She's a fun and clever performer. She gets that image is just as important as lyrics.
Be that as it may I love her simply because she's out and really making a change for LGBT's (and women) in hip hop.
She's a small trail blazer in this generation.


fyi nickii to does write hur own lyrics i watch a video were she speaks out to hur gay fans by OUT n i think shes is the bomb i realy dont like lil kim she doesnt make no noise no more but back to the subject at hand suicide well i tried to overdose myself bybtaking pillsss it aint work but im lightweight happy to be hur but the thing is suicide is serious and we need to stand up for wat we believe in:)

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