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22 October 2010



God bless our President! Now, if he could just get that Eric holder to allow the injunction against 'Don'tAsk, Don't Tell' to stand, we'd be full steam ahead to recovery. I think the Democrats want to stay the verdict until after the mid-term elections.

Tim Lee

Looking at his face makes me feel very sad. Such a loss to him, his family and all of us.

Tim Lee

Sorry, My comment was meant for the other article; I'm sure its confusing here. I'm happy that the President made this great message.




Thank you Mr.President. Thank you.


Thank you Mr. President! That was what needed to be said! ~Matt Seyden

Black Pegasus

THANK YOU Mr. President!

It's amazing how some queens on other blogs are ripping into you after releasing this video, yet they praised Hillary Clinton.

That tells me all I need to know about them!

Chitown Kev

@Black Pegasus...

As I said at JoeMyGod maybe, maybe not...

Thing is, Barack Obama has ALWAYS been a polarizing politician for one reason or another; you would literally not believe some of the things that black folks (some in power) were willing to whisper about this man, especially during that Congressional race against Bobby Rush in 2000.

Sure, there's quite a few (white) queens that were uttering all sorts of nonsense then again Obama was making Jesse Jackson drop n-bombs all over the place (that's why I was soooooooooooo unimpressed with his crocodile tears on election night).

Black Pegasus

@Chitown Kev

Good point! I guess I never really thought of him as a "polarizing politician". I've always saw him as a consensus builder despite the attempts by others to portray him as the opposite.

But it pains me to see the in-fighting that's currently taking place within the Gay Community. We have an extremist bunch within the Gay ranks who are setting standards and demanding things from this President that they would have otherwise NOT even ASKED of any other President!

While some of the critiques of this President are on point, I believe the motivations behind the "virulent criticisms" by some White Gays are obvious.

It's a damn shame because all of us want the same result, yet disagree on how to get there.

Chitown Kev

@Black Pegasus

Google "chicago reader obamarama" and read the articles there.

"Obama's detractors rap him because he didn't grow up on the south side. He points out that he's spent most of his adult life there, his wife is from South Shore, and he's raising his daughter as a south-sider. His enemies also say he's too white and too bright. Part of it--although they won't say it publicly--is that he grew up with a white mother. Part of it is his demeanor. His lanky, Lincoln-esque body is usually stiff and upright, and he speaks in a stentorian baritone that sounds like a TV newscaster's (Lester Holt's, to be specific). But the main reason is that he's associated himself with Harvard and the University of Chicago, two strongholds of white power.

"Barack is viewed in part to be the white man in blackface in our community," says Donne Trotter, who detests Obama. "You just have to look at his supporters. Who pushed him to get where he is so fast? It's these individuals in Hyde Park, who don't always have the best interests of the community in mind."

Lu Palmer, a radio talk show host and chairman of the Black Independent Political Organization, dismisses Obama as arrogant and compares him to Mel Reynolds, who went from a Rhodes Scholarship to Congress to prison.

"When Obama first hit town, my recollection is that he came here running some voter registration drive," Palmer said. "He came to our office and tried to get us involved, and we were turned off then. We sent him running. We didn't like his arrogance, his air."

Palmer had another run-in with Obama in 1996, when he tried to dissuade the young politician from running to replace state senator Alice Palmer (not a relation). Palmer was resigning to seek Reynolds's old congressional seat, which was won by Jesse Jackson Jr.

"I said, 'Man, you sound like Mel Reynolds,'" Palmer said. "There are similarities. If you get hung into these elite institutions, and if you so impress white folks at these elite institutions, and if they name you head of these elite institutions, the Harvard Law Review, that makes one suspect."

That's from the 2000 article on the Bobby Rush race. Also read the 1995 article and you'd know why the black churches didn't like him too much either.

Chitown Kev

"I've always saw him as a consensus builder despite the attempts by others to portray him as the opposite."

Now that's true and that skill is consistent with a legislator's talents.

Not necessarily an executive; you have to be willing to be confrontational as well as build consensus (i.e. that whole "voting present" shot that Hillary threw out there was a legitimate critique).

Obama has the ability to be confronational (i.e. the aftermath of the Scott Brown election when HIR seemed dead) but he's not comfortable with it.

"...all of us want the same result, yet disagree on how to get there."

Yeah, but then again black folks had their disagreements and infighting too over civil rights (in fact, we still do) as did women of issues like suffrage and the ERA. Part of the difference here is that we never saw the daily minute-by-minute body blows that we can see nowadays.

And really, some white gays need to get through their thick skulls that it's not all about the President, either.

Black Pegasus

ChiTown Kev

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely google that and read all about it! I had no idea President Obama left behind so many tensions and salty mouths in Chicago. wow


Yes the girls on towleroad were particularly catty. Again, not that there aren't valid criticisms to be levied against this administration vis a vis GLBT issues, but the mantra that he is "no better than Bush or Limbaugh" is just nonsensical

Chitown Kev


In addition to that, I would also recommend the 7/21/08 New Yorker article titled "How Chicago politics shaped Barack Obama."

That article is actually more famous for the 'Obama-as-Muslim" cover than for the highly inciisive article inside it. (it's accessible online)

Myself, I hadn't read until Andy Thayer mentioned the article (and commented that more people talked about the cover than actually read what was inside it)

As far as the catty queens, towleroad was nothing compared to JMG but that nice thing about JMG is that you do get (white) queens on both sides of the argument so that it doesn't sound like an echo chamber.

(Of course, we can be some catty queens here at Rod 2.0 ourselves, especially when our churchified sista gals decide to not lurk and comment with their mess. Makes me bring out my claws every time.)


Amen to all of ya'll it does get kind of annoying reading the comments at Tolweroad, JMG, and Queerty!

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