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12 October 2010



"Spared no mercy." Good! These idiots are going to learn to leave people alone.


Wait a second, I'm confused. So they beat the gay gang members, tortured them and sodomized them but yet they told the recruits not to take it "personally" and they could stay in the gang? WTF?

Honut Sinti

Fingers almost rendered too stiff to type WTF!!


Sounds like this was an initiation of some sort. I feel like the victims will stay in the gang. SMH


@ Trey, that was my thought exactly. Even if the gang members don't press charges. They still went after the 30 year old gay man and robbed his innocent brother of $1,000. These sadistic monsters will end up in prison regardless. I am just stunned that this could of been an initiation not because the victims were gay but because they had to do it in order to belong in a gang. I have no idea which one is worse than the other. Mind boggling.

jg, III

baby, gang-bangers are having sex in jails like rabbits. if you put that much violence in hurting others, means that you have tendencies yourself. it's a sick psychological outcome.


As I understand these two seventeen year old were joining a gang. Correct? which would terrorized the neighborhood and other neighborhoods. Correct? So why should I feel for these two young boys? However, I am sadden for the 30yr old he seemed like an innocent by-stander to me and my heart goes out to him. I'm just asking a question because I'm not feeling any sympathy for these two young boys. I feel angry at what happen but to whom it happen to and the circumstances at which it happen I'm not feeling it.

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