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01 November 2010



“...repealing ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ could force their chaplains to choose between serving God and serving the military.”

Actually, from mankind’s beginning, that has always been the choice they have been faced with.

Derrick from Philly

Yeah, Jim:

Most the time they serve God's military...or so they'd have you believe. "Onward Christian soldiers....."

Speaking of military: SlimJim, get us the hell out of Afghanistan...please!!! Just channel the ghost of Lyndon Johnson--he'll tell you where you're headed.


This is a positive development as the rabid Christian-Right has basically used the military as captive audience for recruits. It's frightening how the extreme right wing churches have wormed their way into the military. Let them leave, PLEASE!!! One more reason of a thousand to hate religion.


I say let them go. If God has a message for a active duty soldier I believe the message will get through without the help of a Elder,Father,Rabbi,Priest,etc. Even Jesus says he came NOT to condemn. If man's denominational teachings wants to continue to neglect the TRUE SPIRIT of God, then again I say Let them go. If the spirit of God dwells within you then no intermediary is needed.
The Bible also states that Thou Shalt not Kill, what is the main intent of any military?! to plant a garden? Why then don't the Religious chaplains have a problem with that tenet?! I'll stop now.The hypocrisies of the church is why I left.


Goodbye. dont let the door hit you in your pedohile, racist homomophobic sexist classist robed ass on the way out. Great job on deserting those who need spirtitual guidance the most. in the end you are doing us all a great big favor.

S Maglott

There are plenty of Christian denominations who do not practice hate for God's creations. Let them fill the void. We'll all be better off for it

Kevin Perez

"There are plenty of Christian denominations who do not practice hate for God's creations. Let them fill the void. We'll all be better off for it"

Yeah right, trivializing how much religion plays a role in the continuation of discrimination against LGBTs is denial. So what if a couple of churches don't pratice what's in the mainstream? Why are they not going public about it? What are they doing other than feinging outrage? Why do they continue to give lip service? Sorry, some us of are better off without religion. Many of us are tired about God's love or what ''true'' Christianity is.


I agree, if they walk out, let them go. Proves that these so-called Men of the Cloth are filled with prejudice, not religion.


If as a gay soldier you choose to go to a chaplain that has antigay opinions, you certainly shouldn't expect him or her to hold their tongue... after all, their job is to offer advice and opinion on moral issues. Surely chaplains aren't the only counseling option readily available to soldiers?

On the other hand, chaplains should not be entitled to verbally harass or encourage harassment of individuals because of their perceived sins.

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