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24 November 2010


derrick from Philly

"telling the teen they would 'go to heaven together.'"

Shi'iit, you go first, motha' f_cka'.


He has a one way ticket to hell and I hope his trip is expedited. Such repulsive behavior.


Now do you call that a christian? NO! NO!


hahaha! Freelo, that was brilliant!!


'The Catholic Archdiocese of El Paso and San Antonio is probably too busy comparing gays to rapists and isn't sure how to respond to actual rapists in their own churches.'

One priest does not spoil the whole bunch! I will pray for you Rod, so much hate, sacrilege and disrespect on this blog.


hahaha! Freelo, that was brilliant!!


As my Mississippi Momma would say: WELL, DO JESUS!

Now this ain't got nothing to do with Christians, Christianity, Jesus or the Church. This son of a sapsucker needs to be under the jail for this! So the young man speaks up and is trying to reclaim his life after abuse and the Father, the Priest, tries to have him killed.



@ The alleged 'Anointed': Shut The Hell Up! Pray for yourself so that God may lift the scales from your eyes and enlighten your stupidity.

Yeah, this is the first time we've heard of a Catholic Priest engaged in criminal behavior. Nope, never happened before. Hell, he was trying to rub out the victim because he had brought to light the priest's prior criminal behavior. The Catholic Church ought to be apologizing to the victims, congregants and innocent priests who've had the endure the shame of the church's evil conduct.

Taylor Siluwé

I've come to the belief that these men of the cloth who live the most unholy lives don't even believe in the sh*t they preach. How could they believe in a God who watches our every move and still groom, molest and even murder at will?

But this particular priest was just doing what centuries of Pope's have done, order the death of those who offend or threaten their authority (or bank accounts).

I don't believe any of them believed in God per se, just the power of lording The Word over the masses.

When Pope Clementi VIII in 1598 ordered the horrific murder of a wealthy family just so he could steal their vast property holdings, did The Holy Father think slaughtering a family was God approved? Or more likely, that he was God?

But we don't have to go that far back into history to know this one fact is true: Trust these holy charlatans at your peril....

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