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23 November 2010



Sounds like more drug pushing to me especially to gay men. "Surpisingly, study participants who used the new oral method, called pre-exposure prophylaxis -- or PrEP -- reported a higher compliance with other HIV prevention methods such as condom use, and also reported a decrease in the number of sexual partners" Isn't it the behavior of the participants and not the drug that account for the reduced rate?

Chris Cruz

>>>Isn't it the behavior of the participants and not the drug that account for the reduced rate?

Fabrice, this was a DOUBLE BLIND study. Half of the participants were given a PLACEBO. So the answer would be no.

It's fantastic to assume to assume the government is spending millions of dollars to convince HIV negative men to take a drug they really dont need to take if they just buy and use a pack of rubbers. Much cheaper and more effective no? And does the govt want to buy these drugs for HIV negative men? I doubt it, because the feds and the state already dont have the money to treat HIV poz people.

Here is an idea: Many people are already having risky sex, not using condoms, esp us black gay men, and maybe they're trying to find new ways to stop and prevent the virus?


Wow. If the govn't isn't doing enough, people complain. If they do too much, people still complain. There really is no middle ground to please Americans is there? No wonder it's only been two years that Obama has been in office and this country has already put the republicans back in a position of power.

This drug is simply an added protective measure. No one is saying "don't use a condom, just use this drug". OF COURSE personal responsibility is still the BEST line of defense. If you don't wanna use this drug, then cool. It's no problem.

Dallas Cowboy

...No one is saying "don't use a condom, just use this drug". OF COURSE personal responsibility is still the BEST line of defense. If you don't wanna use this drug, then cool. It's no problem. ...

Excellent answer Trey. It's yet another tool that men can use in preventing.

Fabrice's answer and some other remarks from brothas are just ridiculous. The numbers keep showing that GBM have the highest HIV rates, but we keep criticizing any advance in HIV prevention or any news in HIV research. And props to Rod for always finding the black gay angle to the news.


I think prevention starts with YOU! Like others are saying it is an added protection.

True Words

Gay Black Men have lost their voice in this issue; everyone wants to have a private sex life; everyone wants to keep things on the hush hush...playing games, double talk and whispering this and that...

There are still countless other diseases to get other than HIV and ALL of them are on the rise, so WEAR A CONDOM...

Alright I will start bareback sex feels good.

While the medication is helpful there is a backlash in the gay community because of the perception of being HIV+. Many in the gay community see HIV as preventable and IT IS but please remember we are all having SAFER SEX; condom usage is VITAL to this.

Here are some of my thoughts:

WEAR A CONDOM, keep a steady supply handy...and think about this...is some guy is going to let you bareback him then HOW MANY were before you? Come on man is the need to get laid that important...

If you can not get yourself HARD, order the little blue pill online, it is safe cheap and makes wearing a condom easier than with a limp piece of equipment.

Black Men you have to think and plan for the interactions that you are having.

The #1 reason most men are HIV+ is TRUST sure it is misplaced TRUST but there it is. You say I am negative and then it is happy trails down the unsafe sex lane. It just can't be that easy to be convinced about someone's status. Where is your paper work from the doctor? Something of proof, some discussion about your sexual practices. If they have an ad on Manhunt, Grindr, Adam4Adam, Gay.com, RealJock, etc. you may want to rethink having unsafe sex. Oh hell, you should not be having it with anyone under any conditions.

Bareback videos whether people want to acknowledge them or not cause many HIV- and HIV+ men to formulate an opinion about bareback sex. HIV- may see HIV+ men as "slutty" and HIV+ men as a measuring stick on how to to behave sexually. Of course this does not apply to all men but there needs to me more talk about this.


another excuse to have condomless sex. whatever


>>>New data from the Centers for Disease Control show almost one in three Black men who have sex with men are HIV positive. More than 60 percent are not aware of their HIV status.

People are already having 'condomless sex' Miss Terrell, or maybe you werent aware? You do realize that black folks account for half of all HIV diagnoses? And most black children are born out of wedlock and to mothers under 21yo?

As someone said above, black gay men are hurting the most in this epidemic and often really have nothing positive to add in these conversations.


While this is extremely hopeful news, it's not very realistic in the short term anyway. The pills are prohibitively expensive- $35 a pill. No insurance is going to pick up the tab for that when you can get the same results by wearing a condom. They don't even want to pay for female contraceptive pills. Plus, these pills can have some grave side-effects.

In the meantime, wrap it up and get tested, for HIV and other STDs, which make HIV transmission more likely. Hopefully, this will lead to further research and a safer, cheaper pill in the future.


Love this new feature! love this page.


Hmmm at all the negative statements about black gay men here. Who needs others to beat us down when we do it so well ourselves. Just sad, fellas.

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