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17 November 2010



Does anyone know what happens if the patient is unconscious? That would be my greatest fear, that my partner wouldn't be able to visit me or vice versa.


This is white of them. We’re “less than” all the time we’re alive, but then when we’re dying and soon to be gone anyway, perhaps they’ll be charitable and grant us a little comfort.

I imagine, though, that for some conservatives, even the right to see the person of our choice while we’re dying is an outrage, such is their malice.


Shira: If you were unconscious the only legal rights your partner would have is if you created Advance Directives like the Health Care Power of Attorney and HIPAA documents as well as creating a basic Hospital visitation document which can bar certain people as well as allowing access to whomever they list on the documents.


Small steps....

SF Sex Toy

Small steps... But not near enough.


@SF Sex Toy

I hope your comment is just a note not to become complacent and not an expression of disappointment on the administration's progress...

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