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13 November 2010



Wow. This is sooo crazy. Especially because London and the UK are so much more gay tolerant than the USA.

Kevin Perez

Just goes to show in even more liberal, tolerant places in the world you cannot escape such inccidents. Just when you think you're safe...


I am not excusing the violence, however, gay men need to leave teenagers alone. It happened to me, Eddie Long did it, does it...why can't get men just deal with gay men? This pursuit of teenagers or straight men, by offering them money or whatever is out of control. The fantasy of getting a "straight" boy has it consequences. It happens so often, I'm not surprised when violence erupts.


>>>I am not excusing the violence, however, gay men need to leave teenagers alone.

That is EXACTLY what you are doing, excusing and rationalizing violence. How do you know they are telling the truth? Why not tell the police? Why do you believe the word of thugs who break into someone's home, rob and try to kill them? Why would you take their word as truth?

No wonder our black gay community is a mess. We would rather believe thugs and criminals than the gay men they victimize. Pathetic.


@ Dalton & Kevin! Perhaps the UK, and some other places really ARE more tolerant! But anywhere there is a heavy population of "primarily African and Caribbean" folk (or any folk of African descent) it WILL be unsafe for US - no matter WHERE IT'S AT!


@Oh, Tony! I really should have had your wisdom way back in the day when I was a youngster as supposedly heterosexual, married men pursued me and offering me money in the neighborhood. It was so "out of control" the way they thought they just had to have a little gay boy. If only I knew enough to tell them to leave me alone or else there would be consequences - like a good STABBING, or better yet MURDER!


Corey, I have never heard of homophobic attacks in Guadeloupe or Martinique, but those islands are as African as Jamaica is. We don’t hear about so many attacks in Paris, either, where there is a huge African population. And Salvador de Bahia, the most African big city in Brazil, is not known for its homophobia.

I think what matters here is Anglo-Saxon Protestantism combined with poverty, not African ancestry.

Kevin Perez

That's true. But remember that Paris and Salvador de Bahia are big cities in their respective nations, such violent inccidents can happen even if the general enviorment is tolerant of LGBT, especially in a nation like Brazil. I can't say anything about Africa but I know some nations like Trinidad and Tobago and others don't share the same harsh sentimnets of LGBT like Jamaica does.

Former COGIC

@ Tony:

Like many heterosexual men dont go after teenage girls, proposition them or even molest them. And like the majority of sexual offenders arent heterosexuals. But none of that is important because the victim isnt on trial here, except in your mind.

Are you one of those hateful black straight church people that claim all gay men are child molesters? Or are you one of those self hating black gay men who say whatever garbage and homopobia has polluted their mind from years in the black church? It's so difficult to tell yall apart.

The man who was robbed and almost killed is not on trial. But leave it to some antigay hater or a selfhating queen to take the word of accused criminals WHO ARE PLEADING NOT GUILTY and now say they didn't do it. What a freakin' joke you are Tony. You want to believe in trash talk of 16 and 17 year old TEENAGE thugs who break into homes but WONT ADMIT TO IT IN COURT. And the victim isnt on trial.


Sorry hon, but the victim isn't on trial. But you keep taking the word of little boys accused of trying to kill gay men. smdh.

Pay Tony no mind. If I'm not mistaken, this is the same Tony who attacked people who committed suicide and slammed the young men who are suing eddie long. This is is her m.o.. Sounds like a bitter queen who obviously is some kind of predator and assumes every gay man does the same.

I'm so glad this man survived. It's a miracle he survived 12 stab wounds, just awful. Everyone deserves to be safe and secure in their own home. These punks sound like they were wrestling with their own internal homophobia.

Liberator Émigré Éire

What a world, that this (an American site) is the first time I should hear of this story - and I live in London. I haven't heard a thing about this in local London news or in the national media.

And the Tottenham Journal is very local. Shame on the BBC and other so-called news providers.


That slave mentality is stronger amongst others of African Decent in other parts of the world.


I agree with Tony and I think those of you disagreeing with him have a victim's mind set, which in all honesty, I find incredibly annoying about the gay community.

As a 20 year old gay man, I can tell you Tony speaks the truth because I see it all the time. Gay men in search of that "trade" and the balding old men in the club that want the roughest teenage "trade" they can find to climb their back and beat down their walls. I've been approached. My friends have been approached. It happens.

I think a lot of you start reading an article about a victim, see that he's gay, and ignore everything else you read.
Is it possible the boys are lying? Absolutely. In fact, I'd say it's more likely than not.

But would so many of you be so quick to demonize the perpetrators and support the victim if the victim wasn't an older (and I'm assuming) black gay man accused of seducing teenage boys, but an older straight white man accused of the same thing regarding teenage girls?

Being gay does not make you a victim.

But in this case, the gay man was the "victim" of a horrible crime. Stick to the facts. The perpetrators are on trial. If it's "more likely than not" the men accused of breaking into the man's home, robbing and stabbing him are lying, WTF is your point? Older men sometimes come on to younger men and women? And? Since this was a burglary, and gay men are often targeted by criminals bc they are perceived as weaker, it's "more likely than not" the thugs used this excuse to break into his home. Annoying = a man was almost was killed and brothas want to argue hypotheticals and side with the gaybashers. -RM

Mystic Stranger

This is why I avoid heavily African and West Indian areas of foreign countries when I travel ...

Greg G

>>>I think those of you disagreeing with him have a victim's mind set, which in all honesty, I find incredibly annoying about the gay community.

And you say this in a story about a gay man targeted, burglarized and attacked simply because he is gay .... and next to a story about a gay man and a trans woman wno were targeted and KILLED simply because of who they were?

Gay men like yourselves sicken and disgust me. No, not all gay men are victims but we are often targeted and victimized by violence, hate crimes and unfair laws because we are gay. And then oftentimes the news media, police or defense attorneys will put the victims on trial and cry gay panic, just like you're doing.

This is why I avoid heavily African and West Indian areas of foreign countries when I travel ...

And do you similarly avoid African-America areas when at home, Mystic stranger? If fact, I hope you avoid the U.K. altogether: with your bigotry no Briton, black or white, should welcome you!

Mystic Stranger

@ BlackBriton ... Dude whatever. The fact of the matter is those areas are not safe for us. BOTTOM LINE. Call it bigotry - I call it being real. The homophobia among Africans and West Indians is far more severe than it is here and nobody with two eyes can deny that. We do have incidents but it is not even close to being the same as it is in other places. Get offended if you want, I could care less.


@Mystic stranger: you call it being "real" I call it stupidity and intellectual laziness. I don't get offended by stupidity but nor will I let it pass.I come to this site because it has a range of informed, intelligent people commenting on good journalism garnered from around the African diaspora. Your ignorant post and juvenile response detract from that.
Your two eyes would be better employed comparing the statistics for crime in general - and homophobic crime in specific - In the U.K. and the U.S. Then you can tell me what 'the fact of the matter is' dude!

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