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05 November 2010



Good riddance! Perhaps Daley will actually pick an educator this time.

Chitown Kev

It would be nice to have Huberman back at the CTA, though. He had the trains clean AND running on time (well, they didn't run on time all of the time but they weren't breaking down in Loop tunnels either)


From most reports on his tenure this guy sucked @ss (and not in a good way). Now he also pulls a Palin and quits? Ugh, good riddance. While he may have been more analytical than indifferent, actions speak louder than words. Only now do we hear about an expensive anti-bullying project that's been "in the works," and after all that time wasted the people he picked to implement the plans may not even be around after the new person is appointed! Foolishness. How many people have to endure BS while you crunch data?

Its unfortunate that we cant find people who can multitask. While I think that big budget initiatives and long drawn out studies are important to changing longstanding trends, in times where waves of students are marching in the streets to your office to demand administrative action for relief from bullying how can you sit silent and keep crunching your numbers? Then quit before you implement the plans you've been dragging out all this time?

Someone please pull a Tonya Harding on this jerk.

The road to hell is paved...

Honut Sinti

Well, it is apparent that he did not accurately "calculate" the avialable credit on his gay card. Ms. Chicago City handed it back and said it was DECLINED.


Its not his fault children don't want to learn and parents don't make them.

Keep on blaming people in power for not fixing everyone problems in one year, we are surely headed in the wrong direction

Former COGIC

Yawn @ Terrell

You're the same one who was crying and hollering about anti-gay Rev Meeks 'right' to run for mayor. Now you're defending the (white) gay schools chief who even gay students and activists said was NOT doing enough to stop bullying and violence.

And let's not even talk about how many students were killed by gang violence in Chicago.

Your closet must be very roomy, hon. How were services at Rev Meeks church this morning? Did he condemn gays? Did you wave your tambourine, chile?


There is plenty of BLAME to go around and no one is exempt. Huberman could have been more decisive and less analytical. He should have been listening more and acted faster. However, parents are also to blame. Parental involvement is very important for a child's education. They ALL need to do better.... ALL!!


how he is going to stop bullyin and violence against gays? its 8am, stat of school, he is downtown, how is he going to stop someone from bullying anyone? Weaklings need to stand up for themselves at school. my momma told me when I was young if a mofo fuck with me to whoop his ass, and they left me alone. bullying is nothing new and no one can do ANYTHING about it from a damn office


@ Terrell

Come on now! Lets NOT get ignorant. Huberman can put money into conflict resolution programs and more money into security. There are definitely things he can do from a "damn" office. Have you seen the video of the honor roll student being stumped to death in the streets of Chicago? Have you heard about the many other instances of extreme youth violence in that district? I maintain that its NOT all Huberman's fault, but he certainly has the means to maybe do a little more.

Mothers need to tell their kids they love them NO MATTER WHAT... and MEAN IT! That helps more than telling kids to "Whoop a mofo". The ones doing the bullying wouldn't be looking for validation if they had what they needed at home. I'm not saying that kids shouldn't defend themselves, but we all know bullying is not just physical, its mental and emotional too. When you have kids killings themselves over this, its goes to a new level.

How dare you call a child a weakling! Children do NOT have the maturity and life experience that adults do (some adults don't either). When you factor in being gay or having uninterested parents, you can be very vulnerable to the bullying. These kids start to believe that they somehow deserve to be treated that way and that the only way out is to end it ALL! This is a SERIOUS problem and it deserves attention, NOT RIDICULE! I am genuinely offended by you calling them weaklings!


As am I. We've all been the victims of unwanted advances once in our youth.


Hire my @ss for the job then.

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