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27 November 2010



I WOULD LOVE FOR FOLKS TO FIGHT FOR PEOPLE THE WAY THEY FIGHT FOR ANIMALS. PeTA does not have my support until they do the same for poor and the disadvantage human animals.

Greg G

>>>PeTA does not have my support until they do the same for poor and the disadvantage human animals.

That's some BS. PETA is about animals. If it's not your thing, it's not your thing. But don't go off on PETA because they're not supporting another cause. The GOP blocked unemployment benefits, do you blame PETA? Or do you blame the American Cancer Society or someone else who has nothing to do with it? or do you blame GOP congressmen?

People can have many causes. Ochocincio might donate to homeless shelters, battered women's centers, AIDS charities, youth charities and PETA.

Some of you queens are priceless. You dont support PETA. You don't support this or that. You have a million reasons NOT to support something. Okay, what do you support? I bet you're not out of the closet and probably don't support equality or gay rights, much less those groups. Because the minute you insisted PETA support poor people, shows you don't understand how different groups work for different goals.

Dallas Cowboy

I think only black folks use that assbackwards logic about PETA and environmental groups vis a vis the poor. You have a Democratic Party and a black Democratic president who won't even 'fight' for homeless, inner cities, unemployed and poor people. It's just stupid to say you will support an ANIMAL RIGHTS group when they do start doing that.

I'm not a major animal rights supporter, I care for my pets, but more power to Ochocinco and PETA. If you want have another cause that you think needs exposure, then donate money and fight for that, don't get angry because EVERYONE isn't doing it.

And g'damn Chad looks good!

Dallas Cowboy

Oh and Greg raises a very good point, Black. If you are out and involved in any type of activism, you would know better than to confuse missions. I really do think most black gay men are not out, do not donate time or money to any causes or charities and are not politically involved. As a community we look for reasons not to support anything instead of supporting something. Or starting something ourselves.

See: comments in Eddie Long, 14yo boy who stood up for his teacher, the It Gets Better videos, etc. Lots of criticism for people who are trying to do something positive.

toto darling

Chad is just FINE!!! I hear he isn't into black women. But that doesn't bother me at all, as long as when he is getting it on the down low he is into brothas! Love me some #85.


My Other Half says he'd like this better if PETA used Michael Vick LOL!


He's gorgeous. No way around that.

Andy Niable

Gorgeous photos, but I gotta ask... what's the football made of? Neoprene? :)

Many thanks for the post, Rod.

True Words

He is simply beautiful and amazing...




Something else to be thankful for. Simply beautiful. Hilarious@ Andy Niable.


@ Andy:

The photos must be so gorgeous you forgot to read the copy. "BTW, PETA says the football in the photo is made from synthetic material, not leather."

Beautiful photos, great post, glad to see Chad is trying to raise awareness for a good cause.


At Greg, I hear yah!!


Well at least he shaved for the photo. I like Chad but I tell ya he is off when it comes to women. But hey that's him so he is doing him!


TOTo darling you are in misinformed. He has children, by a black woman. 3 of them to be exact


I'd love to grab that rock and head for the house

Honut Sinti

As Aretha once said, "Approach my fur and I'm gonna peta your ass!" ;)

pro bowler

@ terrell. Yes, he does have 3 children by a black woman. of course, back then he wasn't the media star he is today. looks like he has moved away from women similar to the mother of his kids. so, i think that toto darling still makes a good point.


This is great. First, this is a good cause. Did you know that in China, they have dog and cat fur farms where they skin the animal ALIVE? I am glad Ocho is bringing attention to this type of abuse. Second, it's great to see African-American celebrities make social statements. Too often, the media image is about their materialism (i.e, MTV Cribs). Martellus Bennett also did a piece for PETA. I applaud both of these guys for stepping outside the box!

Black Pegasus

Now that Chad has a few coins, he's suddenly a Snow Hoe! Chile I'll pass!

Black Women aren't good enough for him anymore, so you'll can keep this ashy assclown! He needs to concentrate on catching footballs and covering the damn point spread!

chris w

@Black Pegasus...I'll pass too.


I'm passing too! A mind wasted and unfulfilled promises on the football field.


That's what's up. Thanks Rod. And hell yeah, Greg G!

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