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28 November 2010


J in L.A.

Thanks for posting this. I was checking the count updates every day and am glad she prevailed.

I know these posts get fewer comments than the eyecandy and gossip-ish/humorous posts, but they are appreciated.


Cosigning J in LA.

The Harris-Cooley race was a nailbiter and it could become pivotal to the Perry v Schwarzenegger case and marriage equality in California, possibility even the country. I'm very disappointed Kamala Harris's campaign wasn't pushed across the gay blogs, but I have my own theories why they ignored her.

Thanks for the post and following the story. You have a great news sense. And yes, these posts never get as many comments as Tyler Perry or Chad Ochocinco but they are very much appreciated!


I guess we will never get past the 1 drop rule. Whites hang on to it, and blacks hang on to it.


From Wiki: She is the daughter of a Tamil Indian mother, Dr. Shyamala Gopalan, a breast cancer specialist, who immigrated to the United States from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India in 1960, and a Jamaican American father, Stanford University economics professor Donald Harris. She has one sister, Maya Lakshmi, and grew up in a household that blended the traditions of each of her cultures, attending Hindu and Baptist ceremonies.

chris w

Go Kamala! This is great news. She is one sharp sister. Go California!

Greg G

@ Terrell:

Example 10,000 of the black gay community's trifling mentality.

Let me be the first one to call you out for your petty fault finding and trifling bullshyt. Kamala Harris was described as 'biracial and a veteran champion of LGBT rights' and you want to say 'blacks hang on to' the one drop rule.

You silly queen. The biggger story is that Kamala Harris is 'a veteran champion of LGBT rights' and as promised not to defend Prop 8 on appeal. The other candidate supported Prop 8. If Prop 8 loses on appeal, marriage equality will become law in California. The case could eventually go to Supreme Court and marriage bans could be struck down across the country. That's what's so important about this case.

Meanwhile, you're the same Terrell who argued gaybashing Rev James Meeks (who is 100% black, I guess that means you support him) has the right to run for mayor, he has the right to remain pastor of his gaybashing church and be mayor, although he doesn't support any of your rights as a black gay man and has said 'faggot' and 'sissy'. You support his right to run for mayor and remain at his gaybashing church, but you quibble on is Kamala biracial or can she be called black.

You and your type disgust me Terrell. And you are sadly typical of black gay men. You either don't know how to respond to news or criticize everything because you don't want or care to take a stand. And you totally skip the previous article on the black city council woman in Memphis (not biracial, black) who proposed a gay rights bill and received death threats. Instead, you want to concentrate on is Kamala Harris biracial or can she be called black.

Trifling and pathetic.

Former COGIC

"You totally skip the previous article on the black city council woman in Memphis who proposed a gay rights bill and received death threats. Instead, you concentrate on is Kamala Harris biracial or can she be called black."

Terrell, I have to sadly cosign Greg. I'm not sure are you younger and closeted, or older and closeted, but that negativity and faux "Black first above anything" posture is dated and trifling.

Reading this blog is fascinating because you learn about gay issues from across the African diaspora. You also hear black gay voices from across the spectrum, and it shows you the community's biggest obstacle. We're our own worst enemy.

I read your comments weeks ago on Rev. Meeks and you lost any credibility whatsoever, at least as far as I was concerned. And your tired "Is Kamala Harris" black enough concern trolling deserves to be in the hall of shame.

Here is a straight woman of color, biracial, Blasian, Black, Asian, whatever, who is succeeding. She is a winner. and she put her career on the line to take a stand to support gay rights and marriage. Means nothing to you, you want to troll on her racial description. But you will argue about the 'rights' of an antigay ghetto pastor. See a pattern?

It's really very sad that all you take from this is going to Wikipedia to try to prove some bizarre point about Harris' racial background. As someone said in the Ochocinco and Eddie Long posts, black gay men are pre-programmed and encouraged to sit on the sidelines to criticize anything affecting our community, anyone who does something positive, anyone who isn't the norm. You yourself said something similar about Shani Davis, about black people not supporting black athletes who didn't play traditional black sports. Interesting. When it comes to black men and sports (=dick), you comments were mature and nuanced. When it comes to equality, politics, or social progress, you're quite juvenile. Very typical of black gay men, very disappointing to watch.


Who said I didn't support Kamala? Hell I don't even live in California. But show me where I said something negative about her. I thought she was 100% black until I read up more about her. And by reading the article that this blogger wrote, he left out her Indian Heritage. I found that out when I looked her up. So, where did I bash her for being black? Or at least half Black/Jamaican?
And your very first comment about the 'one-drop' rule meant what ...? I specifically said Harris was 'biracial'. Re-read my bio and don't blame your trifling nonsense on me. -RM

Chitown Kev


And what are those theories, please?

The gay blogs covered that race somewhat but I think that it's natural that a AG race would be overshadowed by, say, the governor's race in California...and plenty of other races as well.

I can only co-sign the terrell beat-down, no need to add anything more.

Chris Cruz

"by reading the article that this blogger wrote, he left out her Indian Heritage."

ROFL. "This blogger" aka Rod was a producer at NBC News and ABC News, had cover stories at The Advocate and was at the international AIDS conference in Vienna for MSNBC. Who knows what else's he done. You keep trying to blame him, tho.

And Terrell we've all read your "I'm Black First" comments. You might feel more comfortable at Media Takeout or the black gay gossip blogs that criticize black gay men. Just sayin.

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