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22 November 2010



Can we please get one headline calling Shani Davis hot!

Black Pegasus

Shani is indeed a sexy black man, but something tells me he ain't even checkin for the brothas or the sistahs - if ya know what I mean...

I sense a love of all things Snow..

(please forgive the shade y'all...LOL)

Ben in Atlanta

Good, more for me.

I do not apologize for being white. I can't help it. It just is. I love you sight unseen, BP. Thanks for the heads up.


He is not good looking at all but truly sexy is some kind of way. The photo with him in the hoodie got my blood running.


Go Shani! Prove those haters wrong! Especially those officials who through him into the fire and lied on him before the turin olympics, the USA Speed Skating organization! And people wondered why he was upset!

Sexy self. 2 down and 8 to go


I don't know if Shani is gay or bi or neither. But him and apolo ohno would make a cute couple lol. Apolo got ass on him for days!


BRAVO Shani! Excellent news. Wish he were as big of a sports figure here as he is in Europe.

And I like the idea of he and Apolo together:) They'd melt the ice!


I doubt he is gay. I expect him to end up with some Becky. they always do. Apolo is definitely hot as hell - thickin


Maybe he would be bigger here, if African Americans were more into Speed Skating instead of just football and basketball. You rarely see other types of sports in mostly black urban schools, track/basketball/football. Those are the 3 core sports in predominately black high schools. Shani is more popular with some white americans because more of them than us are into speedskating


I have no idea regarding Shani's sexuality, but so what if he ends up with a white partner? He's an ice speed skater so that's who he's probably going to be predominantly around. Most of us choose our partners from those we regularly come in contact with.

Besides, black people and black men in particular, who buck the tide of 'acceptable' black behavior, speech,dress and past-times are put through the ringer. Many of those most upset that he might end with a white partner would be first to dismiss him as "Soft, White-washed, bougie, etc" if he tried to talk to them. Then, they're mad when he ends up with someone who will have him as he is.


Good point, Terrell.

Shani is very popular in Canada, which has a huge winter sport culture. Blacks do tend to play basketball, track and football, and we often shun black athletes that don't play those sports.

But it's also worth noting that blacks usually are not concentrated in geographic areas that are popular wit winter sports (Canada, Russia, Scandinavia, New England, Rockies, etc). Winter sports (skiing etc) are also more expensive than simple games such as basketball or football, where all you need is a ball and a field or hoop. And of course, track is dirt cheap to practice, even poor Africans without shoes can run track.

But very good points all the same.


And totally cosigning Mjolnir202.
The audience at this blog is smarter than at most other black and black gay blogs, but people are still quick to accuse someone of acting 'white' if they dont fulfill society's expectations of black men.

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