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24 November 2010



I'll be very surprised if this makes it to trial. I see Long and his goons trying to settle this one out of court. Either way, it's a no-win situation for Eddie Long because settling out of court is an admission to guilt-no matter how he tries to clean it up. Going to court will mean that more ugly details will come to light that I'm sure Long doesn't want to be disclosed.


"How much do you want to bet this never makes trial?"

Oh Rod, you're so cynical. LMAO Eddie Long said he still had some stones to throw and we all know that Daddy Long likes to get his rocks off, I mean, throw stones, I mean...anyway...

@Trey: I hear what you're saying, but Settling IS a win for Eddie Long. The more lurid aspects of the case will remain hidden, the culpability of not only Eddie Long, but the church's inner circle won't be further exposed. The congregation will welcome him back with open arms, blame whatever transgressions might have occurred on Satan and Demons. Seriously. Have you never heard the supersticious nonsense many black church folk mumble on the regular? It's like we're living in medieval Europe. Black church folks are some of the stupidest people you'll ever meet. It's a willful stupidity, mind you. They can have a PhD. and in Atlanta, there's a good chance they do, but when they enter church they leave their brains in their car trunks. They worship their pastors more than Christ.

Eddie Long is probably hoping Februaryn just hurry up and come so he can get this troublesome thing out of the way. That way he can plan a getaway the DR or maybe Jamaica. The do have some nice nude beaches in Negril and some 'friendly' locale$ who walk the beach, and most importantly, have no standing in American courts.


I wonder what Scriptures he used.


The dude needs to wear a jockstrap.

Ben in Atlanta

Dean Lawrence Carter from Morehouse is guest speaking this Sunday at our 10 and 11:30 am services in the Richard H. Rich Theatre in the Woodruff Arts Center. He spent a couple of months hanging with us in one of our classes which we had to hold in the MCC church sanctuary. Our classroom was too small. I believe he's still technically Baptist but does seem to be down with Interfaith. His talk is titled "Becoming a Non-Violent Rebel". If in town and curious, join us.

Nathan James

The Bishop Long case will likeky end up with a settlement, the terms of which will be:

Bishop Long and New Birth Missionary Church admit no wrongdoing,

The four plaintiffs are awarded considerable sums, conditional upon their silence,

New Birth Church and Bishop Long will go back to their lives, as if the allegations brought never occurred. Bishop Long will continue to seek out and use teenage boys for sex, just not from within his own flock, all the while still decrying homosexuality from his pulpit in the most base abd vile terms imaginable. "Look at what those demonic gay boys tried to accuse me of!"

When the case is settled, that noise you'll hear is me, banging my head into the wall.


I am proud to be gay. When you accept your sexuality, you are less likely to be secretive and psychotic about your sexual relationships. I am also Black, Christian and a college graduate.I am proud of that too. By the way, God knows that I am gay !!!! lollollollollol

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