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29 November 2010




Taylor Siluwé

Very cute.


i thought that was him- was watching this in a bar yesterday during the Redskins game.


That man's smile could melt better.


crispy... he could melt butter from 2 miles away...

Black Pegasus

Even though Mehcad prefers all things "white" [namely women] I'd still let him sit on my face...

*I'm such a low class slut*


I believe! If only he was here RIGHT now. Thats' whats up:)


I *thought* I recognized that....uh...face!:)


Amazing how black folks idolize him while he sees nothing beautiful about 'em. Oh, well!!!

Mystic Stranger

Is he in the tabloids with white women or something? I'm just curious as to why people are saying he has a thing for white chicks. I've just never seen any of that. Not that I'm shocked to hear it ...

Black Pegasus

@Mystic Stranger

Yes, Mehcad prefers the Beckys. But imma give him a slight pass because I know I wouldn't stand a chance with him anyway. Now if he were Gay, and only wanted to date Snow Flakes, then we'd have a major problem. lol

As for Chad Occhocinco (or whatever the hell his name is), I'm gonna continue to keep his ashy ass on my dog list simply because he found Black Women just fine when his coins were low, but now he's in Becky heaven since his cash flow has improved.

Black Pegasus does not approve!

chris w.

I hate the way black women are depicted as frustrated, mouthy, and insolent. It just bothers me. Also, there was a subtle message in the commercial that black men prefer women with more european features. I know I'm being overly critical, but let me rant.

Dallas Cowboy

@ Chris W:

I think you're being too analytical and hyper critical. It's supposed to be fun and clearly not based in any reality, so you can't try to deconstruct.

It was the woman who first 'wished' for a new boyfriend, and she traded in her handsome, regular looking BF for muscle boy Mehcad. And after he 'wished' for hair extensions and tits, she (in the original voice) argued with him and said she was fine the way she was before.

And Selita Ebanks' appearance isn't European. Both women are about the same complexion but Selita's bust is much larger. And I don't anyone Black believes all of that is her hair.

If anything the commercial was targeted toward blacks and black women. And the man did cause the accident. Women are statistically much safer drivers than men and more likely to buy the insurance.


Sad that 'interracial' dating causes so much hostility. If Mechad is dating a white woman for the right reasons no one should have a problem with it, and even if he is dating a white woman for the wrong reasons (racial inferiority, etc.,)that is for him to deal with on his own.

On another note, I do have to say that in my experience most black men who seem to only date white women are usually sexually confused, as well as confused period, and in some cases just plain gay.


The problem isn't that he specifically dates white women. It is that he may have put black(and all other women of color) on the back burner since the fame, and fortune.

If he's generally attracted to white women, then that's just his preferance. I'm just happy that with each passing generation, were able to date, sleep with, and hopefully marry anyone were in love with(straight, gay, or by). Open your eyes, and hearts, and you may find that the one for you is of another race. LOVE TO ALL!

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