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16 November 2010


derrick from Philly

"Aborition"? What is that? But I do know what an abortion is, and I've witnesssed human beings who should have meant that fate.

He seems to like vaginas though. I bet he eats from the back--which is fine, but not in a hypocrite.


he seems to know more about this than he should...


This pastor makes me sick to my stomach... Ugh!

Chitown Kev

What's interesting about this video to me has less to do with his homobigotry than his birther hot mess in the backgroud.

Papa Louie...


This guy must be what the Boondocks cartoon character "Uncle Rukus" is based on.


Last week Manning surprised me by declaring Palin a racist, give truth the phrase even a broken clock is right twice a day but it seems that making sense is something is far from committed to. All this man does is preach hatred twisting the bible to justify it. I don't recognize what he does as the least bit Christian. Do you know he gave himself a doctorate in divinity? The man is not even fit to preach to a yak.

Honut Sinti

Why don't these people do something constructive like skateboard while blinfolded across a four lane highway?


“Wonder what the good reverend thinks of the ‘Biblically acceptable’ practice of owning slaves.”

I don’t wonder at all.


Funny how ministers preach about god loves everyone but still preach hatred and ignorance. Ah, Christains


QUEST, I am sooooo serious when I say I THINK YOU ARE RIGHT! This buffoon has been ranting about things for years and he's not a preacher at all. He's a madman in a collar, like a rabid dog loosed on the neighborhood.


Maybe Alvin Greene should hire this guy to manage his 2012 presidential campaign...


"Bulldagger"? What is this, 1952?

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