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25 November 2010



Love this, thanks!

Gerard Peters

WHAT A TRULY GREAT MESSAGE - This is needed so much today and continually, every day!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, AMERICA - One day all will be free! One day!


Rod...Thanks for finding and placing this message on your site. I was very moved by these words of encouragement, born of the pain and struggle of gay men and women. I only wonder how our young can see these contributions? Where would a teenage black male or female receive this message?

Former COGIC

Brilliant! This video is so touching, especially when that woman talks about someone interrupted her when she was about to jump.

@ Greg: What do you mean how can a teen see this message? There are probably many young people reading this blog or other blogs. There are many more at Youtube. Or, share the video with your friends, there is a share button, send the link or share on Facebook. It's that easy. ;)


@Greg, I am going to do one during my 10th Anniversary in January with Black Gay Christians and people of faith!!!

It's beautiful but I do feel you. WE NEED TO SEE OURSELVES IN THE SAME MAGNITUDE!

Thank you Rod!


This was very moving and inspiring except for the fact that there were no people of African descent included. That's unfortunate, because it almost seems to confirm that it may not get better for those who are Black and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or gender non-confirming.

The hip-hop generation has done a great job of re-marketing the closet as "down low" or "gully". There is now an entire generation that believe they have a legitimate excuse for not finding the courage inside to dare to be who they are - in spite of facing the risk of losing the approval of loved ones. It's a shame.


wow. what a moving and emotional video. thanks Rod


I've had my doubts about this campaign but thank goodness I have privacy at work cause I'm in tears! I don't shed them easily but this was powerful, I hope it reaches far and wide, I'll definitely be sharing everywhere, thanks Rod.


@ TORRID: 'This was very moving and inspiring except for the fact that there were no people of African descent included. That's unfortunate, because it almost seems to confirm that it may not get better for those who are Black and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender'

No, it doesn't mean that at all. It means there are NO BLACK EMPLOYEES OR NO OPENLY BLACK GAY employees at Pixar Animation. I doubt there isnt one Black employee at Pixar, so given how Black gay men are DISPROPORTIONATELY CLOSETED take your pick.

This was a beautiful video. Don't knock their shine or their message because there were no Black folks in this video. No one is stopping YOU from making your own video, or the many adult openly gay Black men from doing the same. Unfortunately, Black culture and even Black gay culture does not encourage gay men to come out. You don't even see many straight or gay black celebs making these videos.

Typical Black gay men, don't want to be active, don't want to come out, don't want to contribute but want to criticize white gay men for at least being visible. Black gay men failed mentoring our youth long ago. Most brothas only want a younger man in bed and are not interested in mentoring.


Thank you Rod for putting this up today. It helps me to remember what Thanksgiving really means. (sobbing)

Former COGIC

@ Torrid:

Co-signing Dalton.
Absolutely not. Don't fault one video's lack of openly gay black faces for sending that message to black gay teens. Fault the tens of thousands of closeted black gay men, the black gay men who attend gay bashing churches, the many black gay men who support these churches, and the many brothas who tell or encourage these young gay teens to support homophobic athlete, etc. Oh and blame the many black gay men who have refused to stand up or fight for gay rights and say 'what they do is their business.'

There are a helluva lot of people in our community who send that message to black gay teens. This beautiful video by Pixar does not send that message.

Honut Sinti



This is an excellent video, it's very moving and made me choke up.

I have to chuckle at Torrid Wind. I'm assuming there aren't any black openly lgbt employees at Pixar. But nice try at a diversion. The main people telling black lgbt youth it "doesn't" get better are the massive number of closeted black gay men and gay hating black churches that tell them to stay closeted. Blame them, and black gay men who refuse to fight for their rights.

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