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23 December 2010


South Side

Hit the road Jack ...


This is turning into the best holiday season I've had in a long time.

King Drive

Where are the church queens and closet cases who used to defend this gaybashing hypocrite?

They've been kinda quiet ever since he earned his stripes as the only black legislator to oppose civil unions. I guess that was his right and we should just get over it? LOL

Rev Meeks ruined his chances at higher office with that vote, his big mouth and antigay record. You take care, rev.


A quitter always wants everyone else to quit, too. Not that Meeks had much of a chance. Seems like he had a few problems with joining the 21st century, like many other black pastors.

Chitown Kev

Well, Merry Xmas.

@Freeleo- Yeah, and I am really to bet that the same establishment black leaders that Meeks called "house n*ggers didn't take kindly to being called that our to Meeks, generally.

it will be difficult enough trying to get a black person elected to be mayor of Chicago, the last thing anyone needed was all of Miss Meeks' drama.

South Side

Meeks is a mess and he is not well liked in black political circles. Too chummy with Republicans and not a team player. And as Chitown said, quite a few aldermen and committeemen probably didn't like being called Daley's "house ni__ers."

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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