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13 December 2010


derrick from Philly

Kinda' reminds me of George Wallace's last governor's race in Alabama. He told Black Alabamians that he was sorry, and asked for their votes. Of course, it worked...it won't work in Chicago.

Dallas Cowboy

>>>Of the almost 30 Black legislators in both chambers, Meeks was one of only two to vote NO. Meeks, who has called homosexuality "an evil sickness", opposed Illinois' LGBT non-discrimination legislation and was the only Black in the General Assembly to vote against that bill, too.

And black gay men still make apologies for this man. Where are Terrell and the other Chicago closet queens that keep blowing up Meeks spot?


The church queens always forgive anti-gay pastors. Luckily in Chicago, u have enough independent gays who will stand against Meek and hold his feet to the fire. He has some nerve to show up at a gay owned restaurant.


'Good luck with your "reaching out", pastor. Too bad you couldn't do it by casting a vote when it mattered.'

Indeed. Black leadership always use crumbs that were thrown at them and expect us to accept. Excellent post.

Chitown Kev

Negro, please (and y'all know what I want to reallt say!


The thing is I DO know a number of Chicago church queens, and not many of them defend Meeks, actually.

I guess I have to read the link here, not sure whether this is the Ann Sather's in Boystown or the one in Andersonville.


Meeks is simply clueless. And interesting all of his outreach is to the northside predominantly white gay community. He's met with Rick Garcia of Equality Illinois and now Ann Sather restaurant. What about Black lgbts or those who live on the south side? I know he knows we exist. Is he afraid things might get too real if he sits down with Black lgbts?

King Drive

>>I guess I have to read the link here, not sure whether this is the Ann Sather's in Boystown or the one in Andersonville.

I guess you do have to read the link, Kev. The post captures a local Chicago story for a global audience ... and thousands of readers here every day would not know or could care less if the location was Boystown v Andersonville. Rod's post also has helluva more info on Meeks' LGBT voting record than the Sun Times reporter.

Srsly smh

Mel Smith

Meeks going in a gay owned restaurant to shake hands with the patrons is no different than a sexist or racist visiting a restuarant owned by women, Jews, people of color, etc.

Chitown Kev

@King Drive

SRSLY, WTF did you catch from all the snow that just fell?

And what in the fu*k makes you think that I don't know Meeks' voting record, c*nt?

Chitown Kev

@King Drive

OK< the name calling was a bit out of order and...you're right, that was a bit of an inside base-ballish question?

But why do you think that you need to direct me to ANY of Rod's posts on James Meeks? Been there, done that, probably have comments on every last one of them and I am a "semi-regular" poster here?

Name calling is uncalled for on my part, but with all due respect, the last person that I need a lecture from about what's in those links is you.


Kinda disappointed in the guy who said Meeks left a good impression. Dude, you need to get out more. Or just read the papers.


LOL @ Mr. Nussbaum calling Meeks out on his hypocrisy and his idiocy (in not reviewing the owner of the restaurant before hand).

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