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13 December 2010



Homophobe or not, he is still a father...I hate to see black man facing prison time. I wish we could do better.

King Drive

>>>Homophobe or not, he is still a father.

Yes, a father who was carrying "a loaded semiautomatic gun" in the backseat of his Bentley.

Spare me the "black man facing prison time" drama. This father was carrying a loaded semi in his car and children could have been present. I'm not even going to discuss that Ja Rule thinks its gay people on reality shows that are ruining this country. Gun violence and absent, imprisoned fathers ... not so much.


"I hate to see black man facing prison time. I wish we could do better."

We surely can do better. I personally don't have a criminal record because I don't break the law. But if I'm walking around or driving carrying loaded weapons, I'm breaking the law and probably up to no good. Then I should arrested and locked up.

I really don't get brothas who get so emotional about straight black men who bash gay men. Ja Rule and brothas like him hjave no concern for you, gang bang, break laws, and still think they are better than you. Sorry Ben, just not feelin' it man.


@Ben said "Homophobe or not, he is still a father".

Would you say "RACIST or not, he is still a father".

I don't care if he is a father. I don't care if he is a black man. Put his homophobic you-know-what under the jail. And throw away the key.


Applauding and cosigning ELG.

Did ja Rule say, 'GAY or not, they are still people?' NO!

Ben's comment is sadly typical of many black gay men. Brainwashed into thinking that it's okay for straight black men to bash gay men because they have it soooo hard in life.


He's a DUMBA**! He broke the law and has to do the time. He's a homophobe and has spewed hate and intolerance. I truly believe in KARMA and I'd say its biting him in the BOO-TAY right now! I'm not taking pleasure in his situation, but I certainly don't feel sorry for his DUMBA**! Lil Wayne and T.I. both went to jail and they actually have HOT careers right now. What made this has been think he could ride around like that and not get caught? Like I said.... DUMBA**!!

Mel Smith

I don't have any sympathy for
Ja Rule. I don't support anyone who publicly makes negative statements about a group of people.

Liberator Émigré Éire

"Homophobe or not, he is still a father...I hate to see black man facing prison time. I wish we could do better."

LOL. What? Really?

So you're saying a homophobe, regardless of colour, trumps every gay man, regardless of colour?

America needs to wake up and realise that WE need to fight shoulder to shoulder - and that message goes out to every racist, regardless of colour


Ja Rule: Good riddance to bad rubbish. It's unanimous. Ben, you're an idiot.

chile boo!

Ja Rule who? I thought that "has-been" name was Jeffrey?...anyways who cares...


Ben.. you are an idiot but you are free to have your own opinion even if it is a wrong and very stupid one...( self hate is an awful state).

Dont do the crime and you wont do the time...

Ja Rule is another idiot... hope he gets fathered in Jail


even in the pic his nipples look primed and ready to be bitten, abused and clamped on as them boys bang his "thuglicious" booty out in CellCOCK 10...

i'm just saying...

Ja, make sure Ashanti and 'em send you PLENTY of lube while you in the clink..you'll need it! LOL!

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