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21 December 2010


Chris Cruz

ummmm dayumn


Damn is right. I think I'm gonna have a stroke. Shame about Alessandra, though, but she can always be cropped out.

And I was going to have an Angry Black Man moment about the whole slave auction feel of this shoot (the second to last picture, especially) but then I saw that it's a Japanese publication, and I'm a bit more forgiving.

Chris Cruz

"whole slave auction feel of this shoot ..."

One photo of a male model with a Mikimoto pearl strand around his neck justifies that? ROFL This is a pretty standard high fashion editorial. Maybe you don't read high fashion magazines often. ;)


Meh, it's the whole dynamic of the clothed and bejeweled white woman/man surrounded by strapping, almost naked black men. Maybe it's just me. Admittedly, though, you're right, I don't read high fashion magazines often.


Justin, you do understand that the female model is supposed to be the star here? They're selling women's clothes and jewels.

The male models are mere props, which is why in many editorials they wear very little or are cropped without showing the full body. Magazines do this all the time with female models and muscular male models of all races.


Not saying your feelings aren't valid, but it is a women's editorial in a women's magazine. There's really no other reason for the men to be there except fantasy, which usually means handsome and well defined men competing for the women.

And also, a few brothas on this site invariably get upset whenever black male models are booked with white female models. In fashion, unless its a male fashion shoot, all the male models are accessories, the women always command more attention and money.

Byron Monte

well, i work in the high fashion editorial work and i kind of get the sentiment..a little bit. slave auction would be a total stretch..lol. but i agree on the fact that this editorial is kinda...predictable? then again, who cares if you can show off your abs like that. and yes, it's true that this ed is meant to sell women's clothes, so the men's outfits are kept to a bare minimum.


What Byron said. The editorial is bland and typical, ie super-built almost nude male models lusting bejeweled woman in evening wear. But the two photos featuring both men are composed very well and the shot with the fuschia dress is killer!

Not to say Rob and Taejahn (hey boo!) aren't off the chain and have abs and pecs of life! The layout is just ... meh?



So unnecessarily Sexy! WOW. I love that some men in the world are just SexyComfortable in their skin!


Excuse my fashion ignorance, but what is that bizarre seam in the front of her “outfit” in the second photo?

It looks like she is wearing a sofa cover inside-out.


Three beautiful people!


Absolutely GORGEOUS men!! Swoon 3x...

Byron Monte

a sofa-cover jim? fashion points deducted for actually knowing what THAT is!

Deja Vu

HELLO!!! The Bike shot takes the cake!!....literally!

chris w

They both have the most amazing jaw line.

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