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15 December 2010



Barney Frank was on fire, as always. I look forward to seeing the roll call and which Dems and Republicans who voted against it the first time around voted for it this time. Maybe some of them really did take issue with some other part of the Defense Authorization Bill, procedure, whatever. At any rate, let's just hope that the Senate doesn't f@ck it up again.


I am so glad to see that the approval went through. I agree Barney Frank was on fire. I want to see who vote and who didn't from both parties. I don't think some of them took the issue very seriously however it is a major part of Civil Rights, not just Gay rights.


I'm not surprised by the House. However, the Senate is where good bills go to die. There are over 400 bills that were passed by the House that are still awaiting action in the Senate. So, sorry if I'm not impressed or jumping for joy.


They need to hurry. The Senate is on the clock. Joe Lieberman in on CNN right now says he has now 61 votes to pass it in the Senate, GOP Senator Olympia Snow said she will vote yes!

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