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06 December 2010


derrick from Philly

What a horrible event to happen to someone who had to be very brave.

Yesterday afternoon I got verbally gay-bashed for the first in about 8 years. This big fool called me a "faggot" ( I think he saw me admiring this cute Latino guy). I called him "a big faggot"--but I don't think he heard me. It was nothing compared to what gay folks face in places like Jamaica, but I hadn't experienced that kind of anti-gay hatred in a while. And obviously, it takes real courage to be gay or transgender in Jamaica....much more courage than trading insults with some ignorant fool on the streets of Downtown Philadelphia.


Hey Rod - Jamaican gay blogs are also carrying reports on this: http://glbtqjamaica.blogspot.com/2010/12/another-murder-where-will-it-end.html. And the Jamaica Star, a tabloid, also reported the crossdressing details, with a name: http://www.jamaica-star.com/thestar/20101204/news/news3.html


This is such an atrocious crime! The criminals will probably receive little to no hard time...SMH. May this incredible man rest in peace. He was braver and more of a man than his murderers could ever be!!

John from London

Please consider donating a few £/$ to J-Flag. They're an amazing organisation. I sent them some money a few years ago - it was the first donation they'd received in 2 years. To my shame, I haven't donated since. I will do when next I get paid. These guys are right up against it in a way we can't even imagine. A few dollars goes a long way in Jamaica and you can help Jamaican LGBT people. One Love. http://www.jflag.org/donate/

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