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29 December 2010


Mel Smith

More homophobia committed by a conservative white man in a position of authority.


What a sad waste of life he is.

Son of Baldwin

I'm simply waiting for him to be found giving head in some shady park or airport restroom.

Norman L. Green

He would not know we are predrators unless he was one himself. If he did his research he would know and rhen realize that 95% of all sexual pradators are not same-gendered-loving males. Please research the true history of this issue.

Taylor Siluwé

James doesn't seem to be concerned with female personnel being prayed upon by male military superiors. Somehow, the image of a male homosexual preying on a subordinate sticks in his mind.


This one is way too easy to explain.

But James might be happy to know that he can shower with whomever he pleases with 0% chance of being raped.

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