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22 December 2010


405 S

thanks for staying on this story, it was truely a shame what happened to mitrice. all over $89, too. hopefully one day we will learn the story


Injustices in this world are aplenty. I'm pretty conflicted over this story, originally I sided with the police department who couldn't lawfully detain someone they perceived to be coherent and stable - but now it feels like much more foolishness went down.

Wild animals? Not picking up the whole body? Unzipped clothes strewn all over? This isn't a case of a girl who was lost and froze to death in the wilderness, someone did this to her. What the hell?!

Even worse is now they have to exhume the body to continue investigation? My initial reaction was "ugh, can't they let her rest?" But eff that, her soul is gone, do what yall need to bring the truth to light and hopefully someone to justice.

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