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23 December 2010



Trey Songz "furious" over persistent gay rumors? ROFL


Thank you for your dedication of bringing us the news, and all issues pertinent to our community. We appreciate you.


If someone is str8 and people keep saying they are gay I can see why it's annoying to them, not that being gay is bad but if someone makes something up about you that isn't true you are going to be annoyed with it, especially when you are famous and everyone will hear it and repeat it.


Lil Kim is the Queen of Rap. Lil Kim is women of the Year every Year.


Re Trey Songz:

As Shakespeare said, methinks the lady doth protest too much. If it isn't true, it isn't true. Why would a so called straight man get so bent out of shape about rumors? Sounds weak. Plus he is a celebrity, and there are rumors about them every day? They knew this when they started out become celebrities? And these arent't rumors saying he is doing anything illegal, like R Kelly with underage girls.

And closed circuit tv in Kenyan prisons to discourage gay sex? Can they afford that? SMH


Also, Rod, I love this blog. Love it and love you!

This was a great year for our community and you did a great job. Thank you, congratulations on your invites to the White House and reporting from AIDS 2010 in Vienna, all your articles in the Advocate, the book, everything. I just had to give your some love, you know our community, the queens don't want to give you your props but you will hear folks dogging you over something petty. Happy holidays and much love!


I'm 'furious' that Trey Songz can't sing.

And he really isn't that phine. His looks are pedestrian at best. The queens who think he is sooo phine must live in the sticks, and never visit the tristate or ATL. Those boyz will put Miss Trey to shame.


Who was the person who said they didn't 'get' JLS?

Answer: Because of American r&b singers like Trey Songz who are obviously trying to appeal to gay men, but freakout if they ever hear or read any gay rumors. JLS, Simon Webbe and other British r&b singers are just the opposite.

And some the comments supporting Trey are a joke. But typical of gay men who are taught that being called is insulting.


thanks for all that you do in giving us LGBT news that you will not see covered on other websites or blogs.. sorry you could not go to the signing of DADT repeal.. and for giving us openly gay eye candy like Wilson Cruz


@John...THANK YOU! you ain't never lied....


Geez, Trey couldve at least included the obligatory "I have gay fans and appreciate their support but..."

He certainly hit the tired "I love the ladies" talking point. Isnt that a joke since DL rapper Alpa Chino said it in Tropic Thunder?


Cosigning FQ and DFS.


One thing I can't stand is gay men who call other men ladies/girl, we are men and don't have vaginas and it's taking 10 steps back IMO to do that, I also can't stand gay men who try to say everyone who denies being gay is protesting too much and that must mean they are trying to hide something. The fact of the matter is people who aren't something shouldn't have to deal with being called something they are not, they have every right to deny it and be upset when someone is making something up about them. It's gay insecurity that leads to being offended everytime a str8 person gets upset when people say they are gay but they aren't.

Greg G

>>>They have every right to deny it and be upset when someone is making something up about them.It's gay insecurity that leads to being offended everytime a str8 person gets upset when people say they are gay but they aren't.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one heard it, did it make a noise?

Oh girl whatever. You're describing "insecurity" on the part of the heterosexual person. If they're "upset" and "furious" over internet rumors started on (straight) gossip blogs, they're obviously "insecure". If they're not upset, they're "secure" in their sexuality. Trey Songz is the one who is "offended". But keep trying to blame all this on gays being easily "offended" because he is "offended".

Compare that to JLS, Jense Atwood, Daniel Craig, Darren Criss of "Glee" and other straight men who are not "offended" by gay rumors or if people think they are gay.

Celebrities and rumors go hand in hand. They sign up for it. Trey Songz is a big boy, he can handle it. Or maybe he obviously he can't. And Trey has never defended you and other gay men, but you keep making excuses for him.

Ryan Shoore

Trey Songz is full of BS. He may not be gay but he is bi. When he is in Europe he gets busy. So he needs to get off his high horse of its a rumour rumour myass. its all here: http://twitter.com/theurbaninsider


I'm tired of the Trey Songz rumors myself,..I just wanna sleep with him so I can put my mind at ease. LOL!

Whoever is holding on to Lil Kim's memory in the comments please get a life. This article is about Nicki Minaj combating homophobia. When's the last time Kim stood up for you? Or anything but plastic surgery and label whoring?


Feel bad for that Jamaican student, but the boy was naive.

Trey has a right to be annoyed, but maybe he couldve been more tactful. He can deny being gay, but loving ladies doesn't mean he's straight either. Ain't nuthin wrong with having a broad palette. Just sayin', Trey.

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