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14 December 2010




chris w.

face and body!

Liberator Émigré Éire

Rob really is amazingly lovely, and a sweet guy - there's a video of him with Tarrice Love on that photographers blog (even his voice is sexy!)

derrick from Philly

Long powerful arms and big powerful hands. I feel like Olive Oil swooning over Popeye...after he ate the spinach.


Derrick, do you look like Olive Oil?

Baltimore Femme

Wow. I am literally speechless.
This man is heavenly.

Oh and Givenchy is KILLING IT with these multiracial muscle boys. Killing. It.


His accent and charm is just as beautiful as that face and body..
MMmmm,MMMMmmmmm, Damn!

derrick from Philly

"Derrick, do you look like Olive Oil?"

No, Jim. Unfortunately, I don't have her figure. Too much booze, I guess. That's all right I'm going to starve myself after Christmas (yeah, me about 20 million others with no discipline.)


Can he get any more handsome, or his body any more slamming? I'd kill to have a body and looks such as those.

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