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26 December 2010



Very, very sad news. Up there as the leading blue-eyed soul icon.-QH


So sad. What a gift of soul and passion she gave to the world.


This is just awful. Awful. I grew up listening to Teena Marie. So fabulous.


A legend passes on.

Dallas Cowboy

Teena Marie was THE quiet storm.

405 S

Teena performed a short, intimate set in LA earlier this year. Very memorable. RIP Teena.

Distant Lover

This breaks my heart. Alia Rose, please know that your Momma was beloved by millions and she will never be forgotten. We have lost so much talent within the past few years and the current music scene depresses the hell out of me. Lady T, thank you so much for what you've left us and may the Lord forever keep you.


Another piece of the soundtrack of my life fades to grey. So sorry she is gone, but feeling fortunate that she had the chance to share her gift with us. A unique, beautiful voice. R.I.P., Lady T!


This makes me sad. 54.

I always loved “Lovergirl.” Besides the longing melody and vocal harmonies and the Prince synths, I always loved the ending, where she sings triplets against two beats. Don’t hear that very often in pop music.

And how about “Out on a Limb”?




I saw this earlier on FB and did not want to believe it was true. This is so sad. There have been other artist from my childhood who have died, but this is the first artist who had so many songs that remind me of different times in my life. I remember hearing her music at so many BBQ's and crab feasts growing up. I can remember riding in my mom's car listing to her music.

Rest in Peace Lady T. Thanks for the music and the memories. You will truly be missed.


This breaks my heart and I am so sad for her daughter and family as well as us fans. I feel like the singers I grew up loving are slowly leaving one by one and it's just awful. I know we all will leave this earth but it still saddens me and I just saw Teena in concert with Vivian Green not that long ago. I will miss her but her music will live onfor the millions of fans around the world. RIP TEENA!!


Rest In Peace Teena. Like Butchie I too was ignoring FB posts in hopes that it wasn't true. 54 is too young, but at least she passed quietly in her sleep.

Since we're talking about favorites, Behind The Groove is my jam!

S. Flemming

All of my musical loves are leaving us ... Tragic.


I totally love Teena Marie and am so sorry that our Ivory Queen of Soul has left us. I grew up with her music and it was so beautiful, I will always love Square Biz, Behind The Groove and Cassanova Brown. RIP Lady Tee!

Anthony in Nashville

This is awful, when my partner told me about this last night I did not believe him!

Even though she had some major hits, Teena Marie is still, as the TV One special stated, unsung.

She is one of the few artists who never released a bad album. Her 1983 album Robbery is
particularly slept on, along with Congo Square, one of my favorite albums of last year.


RIP Teena! You were an AMAZING talent! Truly gone too soon.


I'm only 26 and I LOVE Teena Marie! I was playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City (I know bad game, but it was fun playing it!) and I heard one of her songs called "Behind The Groove" and fell in love with it since. She will be dearly missed. I love Teena Marie! You and Rick James are not together again and I see y'all singing "Fire and Desire" in heaven! R.I.P gurl, R.I.P!


@ Brandon,..Don't apologize! I tuned to "Fever 105" every time I punched out an old lady to carjack her! (In the video game of course)


Heartbreaking... Don't worry Teena. You are not coming back no more....


RIP Teena guys on you tube there is a vid of her doing I'm Still in Love at the apollo its brilliant


R.I.P. Lady T. I was shocked to hear the news from my brother. Another soul gone too soon. But God makes no mistakes.

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