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28 December 2010



Thanks for posting this, Rod, and keep us all updated.

Georgia Peach

So horrible. I wish we could do something for our African brothhhas and sistahs.

Nancy Green

There is a collaboration between politicians in Africa and Evangelical Christian lobbyists in Washington. Jeff Sharlet in Harpers Magazine covers the story.
It's no coincidence that Sarah Palin was blessed by Thomas Muthee, a witch-hunting African evangelist.


Agreed Nancy I was about to post the same thing USA churches are spreading the hate cause they cant do anymore damage at home. And theyre racist but when it comes to money africian politicians cant resist

Nancy Green

yeah, I'm an ex-fundie and there are traveling preachers who make a living going from church to church. the more sensationalistic the better, and I think that there's a 'reformed Islamic extremist' who is on the circuit, passing himself off as an expert on terrorism.

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