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31 December 2010


enough is enough

I from Burundi...(now living in Toronto)..so this disturbing article really hits home..
I really hope that some day soon..the oh! so powerful catholic church gets what it's been asking for(i.e the crumbling of it)..This is disgusting, sickening!!! I know a lot of people in Burundi who couldn't care less about trans, gays, lesbians..So, I'm shocked to see that nuns would take it upon their sick selves to torture a trans person in the name of God...and SALVATION!!!
People Wake up!!look at that picture!!


How AWFUL! Look at her swollen arms! Its absolutely inhumane. These "Nuns" are disgusting. I'm just glad the abuse did not turn deadly and that she was removed and placed in a better home. I just can't imagine being tied up for 9 hours til the point my arms swell. This just makes my support of Gay rights stronger.


We as human beings have got to do better.

Baltimore Femme

This is HORRIBLE. And it so breaks my heart to keep hearing these stories. Our T sistahs have to suffer so much violence on this earth. I pray that 2011 will be a better year for this brave soul.

Kevin Perez

OMFG, nuns!? We're are the religious apologists for this? Where are the true "Christians" who keep reducing this disgusting behavior to a couple "bad apples". Beyond appalling that NUNS of all people could engage in this type of behavior. I'm sick of this P.C. crap, this is what RELIGION about in this day and age. Where are media figures speaking about this? So-called progressives. When you think you've read or heard the worst, crap like this creeps its way through.

Oh, freaking LOVE how we got just 4 comments and Miss Bow Wow has 30 and possibly more.

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