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20 December 2010



Ok so what I gather from reading the article is that they have no real reason to fire him other than they want to move in a "new" direction. Is that even legal? I mean it's not about cutting costs or conduct unbecoming soo....?

Honut Sinti

So, he was not incompetent, did not steal coin from the coffers, hit someone, or abuse staff, etc. He was fired for being a take no prisoners kind of guy?


This was a hit by Gill Action. They promised Equality Illinois $100,000 and more to come in exchange for Rick's ouster. Rick speaks his mind and Gill likes to neuter or eliminate leaders they don't deem sufficiently compliant. Rick isn't the only one they've taken down. Gill folks likes to keep their hands clean but I've been in the inner sanctum and I know how they operate. If they can't leash a leader, they will work on his board and dangle money or sew dissension until staying is untenable. Most leaders get worn down and move on. I'm glad to know Rick Garcia is fighting back. It is a dangerous thing to have unaccountable billionaires strong arming the movement. Thanks for all you've done for our state Rick. This is a one heck of a thank you.

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