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28 December 2010



Tough one, these days, the bystander effect, is bolstered by what I'll call the gun effect - no matter what the situation, wedding, funeral, club, bar, airport, some MFer happens to have a gun. While I'll gladly jump in to break up a fist fight, the fear that some one of those 5 dudes would get scared and pull a gun is enough to keep me (and lots of others) inactive.

Inactivity doesn't mean totally lame though, I would probably shout at the guys to stop and definitely let them know I'm calling the police, but when 5 guys jump out of a vehicle I assume someones got a gun in the dash, so I'm less likely to get involved physically.


This is awful but I dont see why people should be expected to just jump in a fight that has nothing to do with them. they should absolutely call the police and help someone who is injured. But you shouldnt put yourself in harm's way. I've seen so many times people who were trying to break up a fight end up in bad situations.


I resides here in Austin TX and yes I am sure there were at least 50 peeps standing around watching in that area. It is the Warehouse District so it has a bunch of bars all around there. There are at least 3 gay bars with bouncers at the door. Strange that no one helped. Especially since it has happened before. They were trying to put cameras in that area but the public doesn't want them there but I think they are still putting them up. Sorry that those two had to fight and get jumped on.


Austin is quite a gay friendly city but there are still uneducated people like this everywhere who will start fights like this.

it's unfortunate that no one was able to get a license plate number or snap a picture with their iphone

I hope Beltran and his friend are OK.


Jarron, I tend to agree with you. I don't think anyone should put themselves in harm's way if they see 5 guys attacking someone. This is 2010, call the police with your cellphone, snap a photo, heck, put it on YouTube and let the cops investigate and find the thugs. It's scary to think that people can do this in public and think they can get away with it because of "bystander effect"....please!

gay man

Austin is gay friendly?! HA HA! The first day I was here someone yelled "get out of here faggot" at someone walking quickly towards Rain. And the entire crowd of 20-30 people who heard it just stood by and at least 10 were laughing. Give me a Break! Austinites need to get real about how conservative this city is.

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