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14 December 2010


Taylor Siluwé

Yeah, it's one issue. The right to love who we choose and legally bind our lives together is just a tad more important than the parking problems, Rev'd Meeks.

This guy should save his money (or his parishioners money) and end his campaign now. Learn a thing or two from Meg Whitman.

How church leaders even get to run for office is beyond me ....

Honut Sinti

This guy has "counter-charm".


I just don’t know why I wouldn’t vote for someone who thought I was evil and sick.

I’m sure he’s really good on all the other issues...


What an idiot!

Mel Smith

Meeks has lost his mind. Why would gay folks vote for a man that has made disparaging and dehumanizing comments about them? Rev. Meeks, we are better than that.

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